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Our partners

Singapore Film Society works actively and regularly with a wide cross-section of partner organizations in the arts and diplomatic community, as well as within the film distribution and exhibition industry.


Alliance FrancaiseAlliance Francaise

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The Alliance française de Singapour is Singapore’s premier French language and cultural centre. Along with the French Embassy, the French Institute and other partners, the Alliance française de Singapour organises regular film screenings at its in-house theatre which holds a seating capacity of 236. The Alliance française de Singapour, with its esteemed partners, is also the organiser of the Singapore Rendezvous with French Cinema film festival and of the French Animation Film Festival.

French EmbassyAmbassade de France (The French Embassy)

One of the main missions of the French Embassy is to support the exposure and promotion of French cinema in Singapore. To do so, the Embassy is co-responsible with Alliance Francaise for the programming of movie screening at Alliance- including the jointly organised screenings with SFS.

The French Embassy is also supporting the screening of French movies, as well as movies co-produced by France and French-speaking countries, in festivals such as the Singapore International Film Festival. The Embassy is also aiming at building a reciprocal exchange between French and Singapore film industries, supporting tie-ups, commercial releases of French films in movie theatres, on TV or DVDs and VCDs, as well as co-production projects.

British Council The British Council

Promoting cultural, educational and technical cooperation between Britain and other countries. Our longest-running film festival partner.

Embassy of Japan

The Embassy of Japan in Singapore has been the Singapore Film Society's partner in co-organizing the Japanese Film Festival since 1983. Japanese movies remain among the most popular of the Society's repertoire. Mutual enrichment of cultural understanding has developed greatly over the years. Highlights include the visit of renowned film critic Tadao Sato to Singapore in 1995, when he gave two lectures as part of the Festival that year.

Golden VillageGolden Village

The unique 'cultural-entertainment partnership' between Singapore's longest-established cultural film organization and Asia's leading multiplex operator started in 1994 when the Film Society was approached by Golden Village to work together on the National Speak Mandarin Campaign.

A new paradigm in local arts management was established, with Golden Village offering not only its state-of-the-art multiplex cinemas as film festival venues, but also its marketing expertise and operations infrastructure, with the result that the Film Society's attendance and membership base, previously limited to a more select 'elite' group, grew by leaps and bounds.

On September 21, 1996, the Film Society co-organized the official opening of Golden Village Marina with Ann Hui's The Story Of A Stunt Woman, graced in person by lead actress Michelle Yeoh, and marking the Society's historic move to its new permanent home.

Golden Village, apart from being the market leader in film exhibition in Singapore, is truly the Singapore Film Society's benefactor, partner, and very special friend. Synonymous with The Best Cinemas In The Entire World, Golden Village hosted SFS at GV Marina for the entire 18-year history of GV Marina's operations. We are honoured to continue this relationship at GV Suntec City, our new base screening venue and office since November 2014. We also hold SFS sessions at other GV locations.



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No citation of SFS history would be complete without special mention of the Goethe-Institut, which was the Society's home base for over 20 years. An entire generation of Singaporean and Singapore-based film aficionados had their formative years there; many vividly remember the Institut's beautiful auditorium at Singapore Shopping Centre, which was one of the best-equipped and most tastefully-appointed arthouse screening venues of its time. The Institut continues its remarkable heritage and practice of showcasing Germany's language, arts, culture, and role in global film and media, and SFS is honoured to work with the Institut on the annual European Union Film Festival in which EU member states, missions, cultural institutes and friends come together to curate and promote a strong cross-section of European feature films of both contemporary and classic quality.

Today, the Goethe-Institut in Singapore is housed at Neil Road, and is a destination that no film or arts lover can afford to miss.


Istituto Italiano di Cultura Singapore

Istituto Italiano di Cultura Singapore

The Italian Cultural Institute has been collaborating with the society since 1988 to promote Italian language and culture through its Italian Film Festival in Singapore.

Address: 101 Thomson Road #07-03 United Square Singapore 307591
Telephone: (065) 62553073 
Fax: (065) 63522005
Opening hours: Monday - Thursday: 9am - 5pm
                     Friday: 9am - 3pm

Kelab Seni Filem Malaysia (Malaysia Film Society)

Our affiliate film society in Kuala Lumpur. Members of both clubs enjoy reciprocal benefits. SFS members can attend to Kelab Seni screenings with a valid SFS membership card. Likewise, some Kelab Seni members who are posted here also attend our regular core screenings.

All Kelab Seni screenings are held at the HELP Institute Theatre, starting at 8pm. For detailed programme information, contact:
Telephone: 012-2255136 / 012-2323255