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Our Executive Committee for 2015/16

The SFS Executive Committee sets the strategy, policy, programming, and overall administrative and operational direction of the Society. Each ExCo Member is elected at the Annual General Meeting, or, if inducted during the course of the year, co-opted till the next AGM and then Constitutionally registered with the Registry of Societies as an office-bearer.

To contact any ExCo Member, please use our feedback form or call our duty hotline, 90-170-160.

Appointments to meet Chairman Kenneth Tan for business discussions can be made by telephoning the SFS office on 66225821, or by emailing Kenneth directly at Our office is usually open from 10am to 5pm Mondays to Fridays, but please make an appointment before coming, as all our ExCo Members are volunteers and meetings are sometimes taken outside at partner organisations' premises. Kenneth or the ExCo Member you wish to meet may not be available at random walk-in timings. On screening nights at GV Suntec City, at least one ExCo Member will be around till about 15 - 20 minutes after the session commences. 

Chairman Kenneth TAN
Vice-Chairman David LEE
Treasurer NG Chee Yen
Secretary Karen Jordan TAN


Animation Nation

Singapore Chinese Film Festival

European Union Film Festival

Dave CHUA 

David LEE

Kenneth TAN

Japanese Film Festival

Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition

Gavin LIU

CHEW Keng Kiat

Marketing Director YONG Shu Chiang

Head of International Outreach

Head of CRM

Constance TAN-NGIN *

Frederick TAY

Projects Manager & Volunteers I/C

Marketing Manager & Volunteers 2I/C

Marketing Manager

Marketing Manager

CHEW Keng Kiat

Sherman HO


Sally Wu


Programming Director 

David LEE

Senior Programming Manager

Anand REGO

Programming Manager

Eternality TAN

Programming Manager

Dr Jenny WONG

Programming Manager

Michael LIM


* Constance is based in Finland while concurrently pursuing her Master's degree.