Ticket sales start from 15 June 2011 at 9am (prices are inclusive of booking fee)

S$ 12.00 (Public)^ - discounts apply to purchases of 4 or more tickets per session. Details below
S$ 10.00 (SFS members)*

S$ 9.00 (student, senior citizen, NSFs)**

^ Bring Your Friends! Buy 4 or more tickets per film screening and enjoy ticket prices at S$11.00 per ticket for that film session.

* Singapore Film Society (SFS) members are entitled to purchase discounted tickets, upon producing a valid SFS membership card at Ticketbooth outlets. One discounted ticket per member per screening session.

** Students, Senior Citizens and NSFs are entitled to purchase discounted tickets, upon producing a valid Transitlink issued Student/ Senior Citizen card, or SAF 11B at Ticketbooth outlets. One discounted ticket per cardholder per screening session. Age restrictions apply to films rated NC16, M18 and R21.

Online Booking
Ticketbooth Website: http://www.ticketbooth.com.sg

AXS Booking
Locate one of the 730 island-wide AXS Stations near you: http://www.axs.com.sg
* note: Please present your AXS ticket transaction slips at the door for entry. No other printed tickets will be issued by Ticketbooth.

Phone Booking
Ticketbooth Hotline: +65 6296 2929
9am to 6pm Daily (Also applies to Weekends & Public Holidays)

Counter Sales - outlets : http://www.ticketbooth.com.sg/Outlets.ntuc


For the Free-admission programme, tickets will be given free (limited to 2 tickets per person) on the same day of the screening session on a first-come, first-served basis, 45 or 60 minutes before the start of the first film of the day. Please note the collection below. You may collect tickets for the entire day for the following dates:
- 2nd Jul Saturday from 12.15 pm (subject to a new allocation process as stated below)
- 3rd Jul Sunday from 10.15 am
(subject to a new allocation process as stated below)
- 4th to 6th July
from 6.30 pm daily

New Allocation Process
To ensure a fair allocation of tickets and so that everyone has a fair chance at watching one of the free-admission films, the festival will be implementing a new process of collection for weekend sessions from this year.
25% of available tickets of each session over the weekend from 2nd to 3rd July will only be given out 60 minutes before the start of that session. For example, for YEARNING on 2nd July 4.30pm, 75% of tickets to YEARNING will be given out from 12.15pm while the remaining 25% of tickets will be given out from 3.30pm.
Please also note the new conditions from this year for late entry under LATE ENTRY RESTRICTIONS below.

Tickets can be collected at the SFS desk outside the Gallery Theatre.
Please note that some sessions are more popular than others and tickets are issued where available.
No reservations will be allowed.


Seating for ALL screenings is on a free-seating basis.
The venue provides for wheelchair access to the theatre.
Please refrain from occupying seats marked "RESERVED" or "RESERVED FOR GUESTS", you may be ask to vacate.

Please be seated 10 minutes prior to the start of screenings.

From this year, for free-admission sessions where there are no available tickets, seats left empty may be allocated on a first-come, first-serve basis 10 minutes after the start, to persons without tickets. Ticket-holders will not be granted entry to sessions if all available
seats are occupied.


All films are uncut.

PG - Parental Guidance
NC16 - No children below 16 years old
M18 - Mature 18 for persons 18 years and above
R21 - Restricted to persons 21 years and above
All films are subject to approval and classification by the Media Development Authority, Singapore unless exempted.


No food and drinks are allowed in the Theatre.
The Organisers reserve the right to change the programme and to refuse admission. In such circumstances and when applicable, refunds may be offered at the discretion of the Organisers after the end of the festival.


All films are screened in their original Japanese dialogue with English subtitles.

concept and strategy by LUNA DIGITAL
Japanese Film Festival Singapore 2011 | シンガポール日本映画祭 2011 | July 2-10 | Gallery Theatre National Museum of Singapore