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Charity movie premiere - Fireflies: River Of Light (open to public)

What While on a class excursion to the Yamaguchi River, an offhand remark by elementary school teacher, Hajime, captures the imagingation of his students who passionately embark on a project to clean up the river and raise fireflies to fly over it once again. The project soon runs into trouble.
When 2 June 2006 (Friday), 6 pm
Where GV Grand
Great World City shopping centre

Charity tickets available for booking (booking form). In aid of The Green Volunteers Network.


Fireflies: River of Light
A Film by Hiroshi Sugawara

Charity Movie Premiere
In Aid of The Green Volunteers Network

"Wouldn't it be beautiful to see fireflies dancing here?"

While on a class excursion to the Yamaguchi River , an offhand remark by elementary schoolteacher, Hajime, captures the imagination of his students who passionately embark on a project to clean up the river and raise fireflies to fly over it once again. In time, the project brings Hajime into increasing conflict with parents, the school administration and even the city itself as the river has now become a focus of an embankment construction scheme. He is quietly told that he can save his job by putting a stop to the project.

Fireflies: River of Light is a touching tale of the power of believing - in hope, in yourself, in others and most of all, that you make anything happen if you just believe. However, more than the belief in one's ability to make a difference, the film reminds us, urbanites, of the danger and the threats that our natural environment encounters when faced with unchecked economic development.

The story of Hajime, the schoolteacher, and his students illustrates the importance of strong and inspired leadership in the community to ensure the survival and protection of our natural assets. The refrain that “everyone makes a difference�rings especially true in this quietly powerful film, where one man, against mounting pressure, succeeds in motivating his students to take ownership of their environment, and to change it for the better.

Committed individuals such as Hajime are exactly what communities need to engage the collective mind, spirit and soul of our youth. It is leaders such as Hajime that will empower our future generation with a sense of purpose and of responsibility to protect and conserve our environment.

Fireflies: River of Light is in essence about the beauty of things created when people band together with a common purpose of improving their surroundings, and hence their community.

About the Beneficiary:

The Green Volunteers Network was started in November 1997 to increase public participation in environmental protection by providing a range of hands-on activities and programmes to turn awareness into action. It attracts all sectors of the community, from students to retirees. Since its inauguration, it has grown from 50 to 900 strong and it is still expanding. The Green Volunteers Network is the volunteer arm of the Singapore Environment Council.

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