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Italian Film Festival 2007 (open to the public)

What Showcasing the finest films from Italy, including award-winning festival favourites.
When 24 May 2007 (Thursday) - 30 May 2007 (Wednesday)
Where Golden Village VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity, Levels 2 & 3, Singapore 098585 Tel: 6311 9162

S$9.50 tickets available to the public from 10 May 2007:

S$8.50 discounted tickets available to SFS members, ONLY at the GV VivoCity box-office. (SFS members must produce a valid SFS membership card. Limited to one discounted ticket per member per session.)

Phone bookings are NOT available for SFS film festivals.


Presented by Italian Cultural Institute, Singapore Film Society and Golden Village

Highlights of this year's Italian Film Festival

A showcase of SINGAPORE SHORT FILMS – a selection from those which participated in the Asian Film Festival of Rome 2005

A SPECIAL HEARTLAND SCREENING at Tampines East Community Club – on Saturday, 26th May, at 7pm
Film "The Fever" (La febbre) by Alessandro D'Alatri

AN EXCITING CONTEST –  GRAB YOUR CHANCE TO LEARN ITALIAN FOR FREE by guessing the films in which specified phrases are spoken by the actors.

For more information:

Screening schedule

Sessions start punctually at the stated times (there will be no trailers, unlike normal screenings).

Thu 24 May

7.00pm :: Our Land
9.30pm :: The Usher followed by
              Salty Air

Fri 25 May

7.00pm :: Blackboard Whiteshoes followed by
              As The Shadow
9.30pm :: Lamentation followed by
              I Like To Work (Mobbing)

Sat 26 May

7.00pm :: The Usher followed by
              Land Wind
9.30pm :: The Golden Door

Sun 27 May

7.00pm :: The Wedding Director
9.30pm :: Our Land

Mon 28 May

7.00pm :: The Slipper Frame followed by
              Salty Air
9.30pm :: Lamentation followed by
              Land Wind

Tue 29 May

7.00pm :: The Golden Door
9.30pm :: The Slipper Frame followed by
              As The Shadow

Wed 30 May

7.00pm :: Blackboard Whiteshoes followed by
              I Like To Work (Mobbing)
9.30pm :: The Wedding Director

Please note that age restrictions apply for some of the following ratings:

TBA: To be announced
or General
PG: Parental Guidance required
NC16: No Children below 16 years old
M18: Mature 18 -- for persons 18 years old and above
R21: Restricted to persons 21 years old and above


Italian Feature Films


The Golden Door (Nuovomondo)

Directed by Emanuele Crialese, 2006, 120 minutes, NC16 - Some nudity

A modern fable that tells the story of people from the past. Of a voyage across time and space, impelled by pictures of a land dreamed of but never seen, an earthly paradise, a Garden of Eden where fruits grow perfect and huge, where money falls from the trees. The New World, America.

Sicily, 1913. In a desolate corner of the Sicilian countryside lives a family of peasants who have worked the same land for generations. The monotony of daily life is relieved by the arrival of a man from America. His job is to accompany the families of the men who have previously left  and are now happily working in the Promised Land. To become citizens of the New World, they must die a little and be reborn. They must leave behind the antiquated customs and outdated beliefs of their homeland; they must be strong in body and healthy in mind, must learn to obey and swear loyalty if they wish to pass through The Golden Door. They must transform themselves from old-fashioned humans into modern ones.

From the director of the international hit "Respiro", "The Golden Door" tells the story of an odyssey: of a past abandoned, of a people transformed. Of history made and humanity reborn.


La Biennale di Venezia 2006 - Silver Lion Revelation; Palm Springs International Film Festival 2007: Awards Buzz - Best Foreign Language Film, Gala Presentations

The Wedding Director (Il Regista Di Matrimoni)

Directed by Marco Bellocchio, 2006, 100 minutes, NC16 - Some nudity

A film director slides into despair after his daughter's marriage. When he is asked, to his horror, to make yet another version of Alessandro Manzoni's 'The Betrothed', he flees to Sicily. Hiding out in a small village, he meets a host of colourful characters: a man who makes his living shooting wedding souvenir films; a film director who is faking his own death to finally achieve the fame that has eluded him all his life; and the cultured nobleman, Prince Ferdinando Gravina di Palagolina. The Prince commissions Franco to shoot the wedding of his beautiful daughter, Bona. He falls instantly in love with the Princess and decides to make it his mission to save her from a marriage of convenience.

The director, Marco Bellocchio, is renowned for "My Mother's Smile" and "Good Morning Night".


Cannes 2006 - Un Certain Regard; Golden Globes 2006: Best Feature films, Revelation Actress (Donatella Finocchiaro), Best Cinematography

Our Land (La Terra)

Directed by Sergio Rubini, 2006, 112 minutes, R21 - Sexual scenes

The conflicts and capers of a backbiting family form the platform for this clever crime drama set in the southern Italian province of Puglia. Bespectacled Luigi returns from his professorial job in Milan to help squabbling brothers Michele and Aldo settle a dispute involving inherited farmland. The two are also indebted to grubby mogul Tonino (played by the director Sergio Rubini). When Tonino is gunned down in the darkness of a funeral procession, both brothers immediately become police suspects, leaving the loyal Luigi to put the pieces together while trying to avoid being dragged into their sordid affairs.


Shanghai Film Festival 2006 - Jin Jue Award Best Cinematographer (Fabio Cianchetti), Golden Globes 2006 – Grand Prize

Salty Air (L'Aria Salata)

Directed by Alessandro Angelini, 2006, 87 minutes, NC16 - Scene of Intimacy

Fabio is a young educator, full of energy, who works with passion and dedication helping former prison inmates with their reintegration into society. One day, a prisoner, sent to him by a colleague, and who is serving a sentence for homicide, has a conversation with him. This is Sparti, a man in his sixties with a very difficult character, which prison has helped harden even further. While reading Sparti's files, Fabio suddenly understands that the man in front of him is the father he has never seen and never heard from since he was a child. This unexpected encounter forces Fabio to face the ghosts of a family past which he had blotted out in his mind, and to clash with his sister Cristina, who does not want to reopen old wounds that jeopardise the tranquility of their current lives.


Romefilmfest 2006 – Best Actor (Giorgio Colangeli)

As The Shadow (Come L'Ombra)

Directed by Marina Spada, 2006, 87 minutes, PG

Claudia is a bored and lonely young Italian who works in a travel agency. There is not much in her life - a sister and parents whom she visits on the weekends - but in her spare time she is studying Russian. She soon catches the eye of her teacher, Boris, a Ukranian professor of languages who has recently moved to Italy and finds himself giving language lessons to make money. Gradually, their relationship deepens until one day he comes to her with a favour: Can she put up Olga, a cousin of his who is visiting from Ukraine? Initially sceptical, Claudia finally agrees - on condition that it is only for a few days, as she is about to go on vacation. When the cousin arrives, she is, of course, a beautiful, willowy blonde. Is she Boris's lover, and is Claudia being led on and used?

This is the beginning of a disarming and beguiling film, completely confident in the way in which it tells its story. Not least of all, the relationship between the two women takes on its own momentum, propelling the film down seductive alleys. What makes this film so distinctive is not only its narrative about a trio of characters representing various facets of this complex issue, but also its visual style and formal properties. Spada brings a singular eye and aesthetic sense to her film, turning a simple story into a compelling piece of filmmaking.


Mons Italian Film Festival 2006 – Best Actress (Anita Kravos)

Land Wind (Vento Di Terra)

Directed by Vincenzo Marra, 2004, 84 minutes, PG

This contemporary Italian ode to neo-realism is a beautifully crafted story of urban family life, conveyed through a thoughtful orchestration of images and sound.

Sixteen-year-old Enzo lives with his family in a poor suburb of Naples. His father's sudden death leaves the boy with the difficult task of caring for his mother and sister, and Enzo soon finds his path crossed by a series of circumstances and events that continually put his integrity to the test. However his determination and courage finally prevail, and his family regains the dignity it had seemingly lost for good.

Vento di Terra provides an emotional resonance that, with few words, offers a finely wrought vision of Enzo's emerging state of mind. It is a challenging and ultimately rewarding pursuit for the viewer, both simple and yet infinitely revealing.


Haifa International Film Festival 2005 – Golden Anchor Competition – Special Jury Mention; Golden Grolle for the Italian film that was most present in all of the International festivals; The European First Film Festival of Angers 2005 – Best Actor Award (Vincenzo Pacilli); International Film Festival of Gijon 2004 – Best Feature film, La Biennale di Venezia 2004 – Venice Horizons Prize: Mention

I Like To Work (Mobbing) – (Mi Piace Lavorare)

Directed by Francesca Comencini, 2004, 89 minutes, NC16 - Brief Nudity

The agency, where Anna works as a Secretary Grade 3, has been bought by a foreign company. On the day of the office party to celebrate the merger, Anna is the only one among the employees not greeted by the new director. A simple incident, or perhaps just coincidental carelessness. Her ordeal begins from that one little incident. Slowly but relentlessly, the "group" turns against her. The harassment begins, initially unnoticed, but definitely consistent. Anna is left sitting alone at a table in the office restaurant. Nobody invites her to have morning coffee any more. Her workstation is occupied by someone else (unintentionally?). Anna is  divorced with a girl, Morgana. They are very much united and in agreement; they have learned to make it on their own, to sustain each other. A deep sense of precariousness has filled their life. Anna has to find the strength to fight back against what the company has done to her.


Berlinale 2004: Prizes of Ecumenical Jury (film from the Panorama); Mar Del Plata International Film Festival 2004: Best Actress Award (Nicoletta Braschi), Special Jury Award; Villerupt's Italian Film Festival 2004: Competition Critic's Prize


Special Heartland Screening at Tampines East Community Club

The following film will be shown on Saturday, 26th May, at 7pm

The Fever (La Febbre)

Directed by Alessandro D'Alatri, 2005, 108 minutes, PG

Mario is a young man, full of ideas, with a love for life and a burning desire to live it to the fullest. He has a dream: to open a nightspot with his friends. All his enthusiasm, his ideas and his projects come under the microscope of the world that surrounds him, as he unexpectedly becomes an employee of the municipality. His new job is against the comic existence of the bureaucracy, filled with sandbagging, dirty tricks, sly ruses, mediocrity and humiliation, while he meets a girl who opens up a new perspective in his life.


Audience Choice Award at the Sevilla Film Festival 2005.

Singapore Short Films

A homage to Singaporean short films presented at the Asian Film Festival of Rome in 2005.

Blackboard Whiteshoes

Directed by Green Zeng & June Chua, 2003, 8 minutes, G

It's class inspection time again. Eleven-year-old E.T. is afraid that he will be in big trouble for wearing dirty shoes to school yet again. With the reluctant assistance of his good friend, Tian, he thinks of an ingenious plan to escape punishment.

The Slipper Frame

Directed by Tania Sng, 2003, 18 minutes, PG

In her quest to create the perfect frame, Joachim discovers whether it comes without borders.

The Usher

Directed by June Chua, 2002, 14 minutes, G

Ten-year old Xiao Ming's obsession with kung-fu films leads him into more trouble than he imagines. A film that celebrates the nostalgia and magic of cinema.


Directed by Victric Thng, 2003, 7 minutes, PG (in Japanese with English subtitles)

Like a melancholy poem, a song of sorrow. A lyrical visual portrait of remorse and separateness.

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GUESS the films in which the following phrases are uttered by the actors:




Send your replies by email:

ONE WINNER with all 3 correct answers will be drawn among all entries.

The winner will be offered a free Italian language course with the Italian Cultural Institute, during the year 2007.

The selection of winner will take place on 2nd June (the venue and time to be advised)