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New Zealand Film Festival 2007 (open to the public)

What Featuring the finest selection of films from New Zealand.
When 4 May 2007 (Friday) - 7 May 2007 (Monday)
Where Golden Village Grand (Great World City)
- Great World City shopping centre

Tickets at S$9.50 per session available from 19 April 2007 at the GV Grand box-office, on-line at, and at AXS stations islandwide. SFS members are entitled to discounted tickets at S$8.50 per session on production of a valid SFS membership card in person at the GV Grand box-office (limited to one discounted ticket per member per session)



New Zealand Film Festival 2007

Presented by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Main sponsor:

New Zealand High Commission
Singapore Film Society

Screening schedule

Sessions start punctually at the stated times (there will be no trailers, unlike normal screenings).

Fri 11 May

7.00pm :: Out Of The Blue (PG - some violence)
9.30pm :: Tama Tu
              followed by:
              Kaikohe Demolition (PG)

Sat 5 May

4.30pm :: This Is New Zealand (PG)
              followed by:
              Banana In A Nutshell (PG)
7.00pm :: Sione's Wedding (NC16 - Sexual Reference)
9.30pm :: Eagle Vs Shark (M18 - some sexual content)

Sun 6 May

4.30pm :: Tama Tu
              followed by:
              Kaikohe Demolition (PG)
7.00pm :: This Is New Zealand (PG)
              followed by:
              Banana In A Nutshell (PG)
9.30pm :: Out Of The Blue (PG - some violence)

Mon 7 May

7.00pm :: Eagle Vs Shark (M18 - some sexual content)
9.30pm :: Sione's Wedding (NC16 - Sexual Reference)

Please note that age restrictions apply for some of the following ratings:

TBA: To be advised
or General
PG: Parental Guidance required
NC16: No Children below 16 years old
M18: Mature 18 -- restricted to persons 18 years old and above
R21: Restricted to persons 21 years old and above


The Films


Out Of The Blue

2006, 102 minutes, PG - some violence
Director: Robert Sarkies
Producers: Tim White, Steven O’Meagher
Written by: Graeme Tetley with Robert Sarkies

On November 13th 1990, in the small New Zealand seaside town of Aramoana, local man David Gray took a high-powered automatic weapon and shot dead 13 people. It remains the worst mass murder in New Zealand's history. As emergency services scrambled to reach Aramoana, a handful of young, under-armed local policemen risked their lives trying to find the gunman. Terrified and confused residents were trapped in their homes for 24 hours, not knowing where David Gray was - or if they would become his next victim. There were great feats of bravery on that terrible day - from ordinary people in the  most extraordinary of situations. OUT OF THE BLUE is a gripping and powerful story of courage and survival.

Eagle Vs Shark

2006, 93 minutes, M18 - some sexual content
Director/Writer: Taika Waititi (Academy Award nominee 2004)
Producer: Ainsley Gardiner, Cliff Curtis

She's just off beautiful. He's just off beat. Lily is the quiet, awkward loner who doesn't fit in anywhere - but that could change. Jarrod is a warrior in his own world who thinks he's brave and powerful and is blind to Lily's adoration - but that could change. Lily crashes Jarrod's party, ends up in his home town and lands a leading role in his hell bent plan to beat up an old high school bully. They tackle estranged family, stranger friends only to find the real foe may be in the mirror. EAGLE VS SHARK delivers a poignant social punch about facing up to who you really are. It's about accepting the good, the bad and the honest awful - and when that happens everything can change.

Sione's Wedding

2006, 97 minutes, NC16 - Sexual Reference
Director: Chris Graham
Producers: John Barnett, Chloe Smith
Written by: James Griffin, Oscar Kightley

Sione is getting married. But there's a problem, well actually there are four problems - Sione's brother Michael and his three best mates Albert, Stanley and Sefa: the ladies' man, the good boy, the weird one and the party boy. They're 30-something, but they still act as if they're 16. They get drunk, they chase the wrong women and they have a remarkable record of causing chaos at every wedding they attend. But when Sione bans the boys from his wedding, they know something has to change. The boys have one last chance: find girlfriends to take to the wedding or be let out in the cold. Their lives are about to get turned upside down. How hard can it be finding a girl in the world's biggest Polynesian city when you're young, gifted and brown?

Banana In A Nutshell

55 mins, PG
Director/Writer/Producer: Roseanne Liang

Growing up in New Zealand, Roseanne was the perfect Chinese daughter. She excelled in piano, ballet and drama, as well as becoming dux of her school. She did everything her parents expected of her, until:
1) she fell in love with a white boy called Stephen, and
2) decided to make a film about it.
Spanning six years of subterfuge, two years of despair, and six months of Stephen trying to master Chinese, BANANA IN A NUTSHELL is the intimate story of a girl's two loves - her Kiwi boy, and her Chinese parents - and the struggle to keep both intact.

This Is New Zealand

20 mins, PG
Director: Hugh Macdonald

This is New Zealand is a documentary film showcasing New Zealand scenery that was produced by the New Zealand National Film Unit for screening at the World Expo in Osaka in 1970 where it was seen by 2 million people. The film combined scenic images including aerial cinematography with rousing classical music such as Sibelius' Karelia suite. On 3 February 2007, a newly re-mastered version of the film by Archives New Zealand won a bronze medal at the prestigious New York Festival's Film and Video Competition

Kaikohe Demolition

53 mins, PG
Director/Producer: Florian Habicht

New Zealand small town Kaikohe made world news in 1991 when some of its children attacked Santa in the local Christmas Parade. Habicht's documentary focuses on something more positive, Northland's most rock 'n' roll event, the Kaikohe Demolition Derby. Told by the people involved, Kaikohe Demolition exposes the innocence and artistic beauty of a violent spectator sport.

"The drivers explain their sport, regale us with their exploits, and finally, relaxing in a hot mineral pool after a hard day at the track, speak with candour, laughter and amazing grace about life in general."

Tama Tu

20 mins
Director/Writer: Taika Waititi

Young Maori Battalion soldiers wait for night to fall in the ruins of a war-torn Italian home. Forced into silence, they keep themselves amused as any boys would, with jokes and laughter. As they try and ignore the reminders of war around them, a sign brings them back to the world of the dying.