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SFS core screening at GV Marina: Charlotte's Web / School For Scoundrels (members only)

What Cinema 1: Charlotte's Web - PG (97 minutes)
Cinema 2: School For Scoundrels - PG (100 minutes)
When 3 January 2007 (Wednesday), 9 pm
Where Golden Village Marina
Marina Square Shopping Mall
5A Raffles Avenue #03/04-01
Marina Leisureplex
Singapore 039801

Free admission but members only -- flash your membership card to go in. Non-members may sign up online or at the door -- we will issue membership on the spot. No tickets will be sold. Free seating.


Charlotte's Web - PG
(97 minutes)

As family features go, CHARLOTTE'S WEB may be the best we have seen  in a while. Technically adept and surprisingly affecting, the movie  translates E.B. White's children's book into a motion picture that  will enthrall children and engage their parents. The animals come to  life with enough credibility that it's not out of the question that  a few tears may be shed for a CGI creature. It tells the story of  Wilbur the pig, which is scared of the end of the season.  He knows  that come that time, he will end up on the dinner table. He hatches  a plan with Charlotte, a spider that lives in his pen, to ensure  that this will never happen. Starring Dakota Fanning and featuring  the voices of Julia Roberts (as Charlotte), Dominic Scott Kay (as  Wilbur), Steve Buscemi, Oprah Winfrey, Kathy Bates, Robert Redford,  Thomas Haden Church, among others.

School For Scoundrels - PG
(100 minutes)

NAPOLEON DYNAMITE's Jon Heder plays Roger, a beleaguered New York  City meter maid who is plagued by anxiety and low self-esteem. In  order to overcome his feelings of inadequacy, Roger enrolls in a top- secret confidence-building class taught by the suavely underhanded  Dr. P (Billy Bob Thornton). Aided by his assistant, Lesher (Michael  Clarke Duncan), Dr. P uses unorthodox, often dangerous methods, but  he guarantees results: Employ his techniques and you will unleash  your inner lion. Surrounded by a band of misfit classmates, Roger's  confidence grows and he makes his way to the head of the class, even  finding the courage to ask out his longtime crush, Amanda (Jacinda  Barrett). But Roger quickly discovers that star students have a way  of catapulting Dr. P's competitive side into high gear. Soon enough,  the teacher sets out to infiltrate and destroy Roger's personal and  professional life.