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SFS core screening at GV Marina: Saw III / Deja Vu (members only)

What Cinema 1: Saw III - R21 - strong gore & violence (107 minutes)
Cinema 2: Deja Vu - PG - edited version (128 minutes)
When 20 December 2006 (Wednesday), 9 pm
Where Golden Village Marina
Marina Square Shopping Mall
5A Raffles Avenue #03/04-01
Marina Leisureplex
Singapore 039801

Free admission but members only -- flash your membership card to go in. Non-members may sign up online or at the door -- we will issue membership on the spot. No tickets will be sold. Free seating.


Saw III (R21 - strong gore & violence)
(107 minutes)

After eluding the cops, psychopathic killer Jigsaw turns an  abandoned warehouse on the edge of town into a gruesome torture  chamber in this third installment of the horror series. Jigsaw's new  protégée Amanda kidnaps a doctor who's forced to keep the evil  master alive. Barely clinging to life, Jigsaw begins to carry out  his gruesome plans for the lady doc and another helpless victim.

Deja Vu (PG) [edited version]
(128 minutes)

A ferry filled with crewmen from the Navy and their families was  blown up in New Orleans on Mardi Gras. BATF agent Doug Carlin  (Denzel Washington) is brought in to assist in the massive  investigation, and gets attached to an experimental FBI surveillance  unit, one that uses spacefolding technology to directly look back a  little over four days into the past. While tracking down the bomber,  Carlin gets an idea in his head: could they use the device to  actually travel back in time and not only prevent the bombing but  also the murder of a local woman whose truck was used in the  bombing?  Also starring Paula Patton, Val Kilmer, Jim Caviezel and  Bruce Greenwood.