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China Digital Film Festival 2006

What The first-ever festival of films shown entirely in digital. It presents excellent works by the 6th generation film directors such as Zhang Yang and Huo Jianqi. Please note that KE KE XI LI has both English and Chinese subtitles. The rest of the 4 films are in Chinese dialogues with NO English subtitles. A free Film Symposium on China Film Industry and Filmmaking will be held on Wednesday 29 November on 5th Floor, Imagination Room at NLB. Please register to attend.
When 28 November 2006 (Tuesday) - 2 December 2006 (Saturday)
Where Golden Village VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity, Levels 2 & 3, Singapore 098585 Tel: 6311 9162

Tickets are sold at $9.50 each. Members of Singapore Film Society can enjoy $1 discount at GV Vivo City Box Office by showing their membership card.

Tickets are available for purchase online and all AXN Stations




ORGANIZERS: NLB, China Film Group & Golden Village
SUPPORTERS: IDA, Mediacorp Technologies, Singapore Film Society
ADMISSION: Free. Email registration: First come first served
TIME: 7 – 9 pm
DATE: Wednesday, 29 November 2006
VENUE: Imagination Room, NLB
LANGUAGE: Chinese with simultaneous English translation



Mr Qi Zhiyong

   1. An overview of Current Policies of China Film Industry
   2. China Film Industry and Foreign Investment
   3. The Structure of China Film Market
   4. The Developmental Strategies of China Film Group
   5. Co-production with China Film Industry

Jiang Defu

   1. The Digitization of Cineplexes in China
   2. Digital Film-making in China
   3. A Brief Overview of Current Digital Film Distribution in China

Huo Jianqi

  1. Film Directing








时间: 7 – 9 pm

日期: 20061129日星期三

地点: Imagination Room, 5 , NLB100 Victoria Street #07-03, Singapore 188064

语言: 中文带英文同步翻译


1.霍建起   中国导演

作品:《那山、那人、那狗》(1999金鸡最佳故事片奖)、《暖》 2004年第16届东京国际电影节金麒麟奖)、《爱情结》、《生活秀》、《蓝色爱情》等等

2.祁志勇   中国电影集团公司副总经理

3.蒋德富   中影集团数字电影院线有限公司副总经理


一、祁志勇  中影集团数字电影院线有限公司副总经理

1)          现阶段中国电影的产业政策

2)          中国电影与外来投资

3)          中国电影市场结构

4)          中影集团的发展战略

5)          中国电影的合资与合作潜能

二、蒋德富    中影集团数字电影院线有限公司副总经理

1)          中国影院数字化的发展趋势

2)          中国数字电影拍摄的进展和趋势

3)          目前中国数字电影发行情况简介

三、霍建起    导演  

1)          电影导演