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SFS Talkies @ Filmgarde Bugis: FAERYVILLE (M18)

What ‘Youthful Idealism’ becomes an excuse for terror - when a transfer student joins a clique of rebel misfits in Faeryville College. With post-screening dialogue with writer-director Tzang Merwyn Tong.
When 6 July 2015 (Monday), 7:15pm
Where Filmgarde Bugis+
Level 5, Bugis+ 201 Victoria Street Singapore 188067

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*With post-screening dialogue with writer-director Tzang Merwyn Tong.

Dir. Tzang Merwyn Tong
2015 | Singapore | Action / Drama | In English | 95min | M18 (Some Mature Content)

Cast: Lyon Sim, Aaron Samuel Yong, Tanya Graham, Jade Griffin, Jae Leung, Farid Assalam, Kris Moller

Synopsis:  Set in an alternate universe, in a college called FAERYVILLE, a group of teenage misfits struggle to find themselves and make sense of their ‘teenhood’.  They decide that there is no reason in trying to fit-in, and fashioned themselves as pranksters, calling themselves The Nobodies.  Now, what’s their plan?  Frankly, they have no idea, until Laer, a transfer student, joins them and takes them on a path of anarchy and self discovery.

Faeryville is a dystopian teen movie, a stylish coming of age film about youth making sense of their idealistic dreams in our increasingly surreal world - a fictional manifestation of very real issues prevalent in the Post 9-11 world.

“We're against the idea of fighting for what you believe in.  Especially, in confused times like this, where nothing is right or wrong anymore...and ideology, a dangerous thing.” – Tzang M.