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Heritage Outdoor Screenings at Ann Siang Hill

What the Heritage Screenings will be outdoors at Ann Siang Hill!
When 11 December 2015 (Friday) - 12 December 2015 (Saturday), 8pm
Where Ann Siang Road
Ann Siang Road

Free admission to public.


We are privileged to be the first film(s) to be screened there, as part of an ongoing series to bring heritage, and old classics, films, back to the community.

Limited spaces available.  To register, email 

11 DEC, 8pm 

Winners and finalists showcase of 2015 Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition (#HSFC) / Various languages with English Subtitles
The annual Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition aims to nurture audiences and filmmakers to take interest in our cultural heritage and documenting them for the future generations on film. This year's travelling showcase comprises of 8 short films that make up this year's winners and finalists - KUDANG KEPANG: REVIVING THE CULTURE, BENEATH THE SPIKES, WU DE BAN 屋的板, QING MING FESTIVAL: MEMORIES OF BUKIT BROWN, AFTERLIFE ARCHITECTS 纸扎屋, BEYOND THE CHECKMATE 传承, TOOLS OF THE TRADE and I AM EURASIAN.

Cast:Patrick Tse Yin 谢贤, Nam Hung 南红
1957/ 112min/ In Cantonese with English Subtitles
Shot mainly in the Malayan Peninsula, Moon Over Malaya provides an elegiac end to the famed Nanyang Trilogy produced by Kong Ngee film company. The handsome idol of that time Patrick Tse plays Ngok Ming, a young man devoted to becoming a teacher. He receives assistance from a pair of like-minded siblings, Tsi-wo (Keung Chung-ping) and Suk-ho (Patsy Kar Ling). During a school fundraising event, Ngok Ming falls in love with Cho-lin (Nam Hung), a rich heiress, and marries her soon after. However, their conjugal bliss is disrupted when Ngok Ming is forced to give up his vocation to help his father-in-law run his rubber plantation business. The dramatic conflict between a reluctant Ngok Ming and his father-in-law develops as a battle between the virtues of education and the ideals of business.
*From the collection of the Asian Film Archive
After successfully organising the inaugural competition in 2014, the Singapore Film Society is pleased to return to organise the second Singapore Heritage Short Film Competition - the SG50 Edition.
Just like the first edition, the new competition aims to unearth and recognise young Singaporean filmmaking talents who will approch our vibrant Singapore heritage with a fresh and exciting look.

12 DEC, 8pm 

The winners and finalists' entries will also have their films screened publicly in numerous locations, in Singapore, and abroad.  We believe that our films should be seen by as many live audience as possible, since films about Singapore heritage, should be a shared experience too.

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