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SFS Talkies @ Shaw Lido: UNLUCKY PLAZA (M18)

What Father. Restaurateur. Hostage taker. How did one man's financial woes spiral into a harrowing crisis that captivated the world? With post-screening dialogue with writer-director Ken Kwek and lead actor Epy Quizon.
When 11 April 2015 (Saturday), 3:00pm
Where Shaw Lido

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*With post-screening dialogue with writer-director Ken Kwek and lead actor Epy Quizon.

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Dir. Ken Kwek

2014 | Singapore | Comedy/Crime/Drama | In English | 122min | M18 (Coarse Language)

- Opening film of the 25th Singapore International Film Festival (SGIFF)

- Official Selection (Toronto International Film Festival)

- Nominated for Grand Prix (Warsaw International Film Festival)

Synopsis: In multicultural and cosmopolitan Singapore, Onassis (Epy Quizon), a Filipino single father, is struggling with a failing business, rising rents and a bureaucratic civil service. Just when things start to look up, he is cheated of all his savings. One dog day afternoon, he decides he has had enough. In a matter of hours, the lives of a materialistic motivational speaker, his adulterous wife, her tent-making spiritual shepherd and a mainland Chinese gangster will forever change (excerpt taken from SGIFF 2014).

Director's Bio: Ken Kwek is a Singaporean screenwriter, director and playwright.  His screenwriting credits include Glen Goei’s "The Blue Mansion" (2009) and Kelvin Tong’s "It’s A Great, Great World" (2011).  The vignette, "Porn Masala", from his omnibus short film "Sex.Violence.FamilyValues." (2013) won the Audience Choice Award at the Gotham Screen Film Festival. (SGIFF 2014)