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[SFS] [Core Screenings] Wed, 16 July 2014, 9pm: Tammy / Hungry Ghost Ritual

When 16 July 2014 (Wednesday), 9pm
Where Golden Village Marina
Marina Square Shopping Mall
5A Raffles Avenue #03/04-01
Marina Leisureplex
Singapore 039801

Free admission but members only -- flash your membership card to go in. You may bring up to 2 guests if you hold a SFS Reel membership card. Non-members may sign up online or at the door -- we will issue membership on the spot. No tickets will be sold. Free seating.


Cinema 1 – Tammy

Rating: NC16 / Coarse Language & Sexual References

Cast: Melissa McCarthy, Susan Sarandon, Allison Janney

Director: Ben Falcone

Genre: Comedy

Language: English

Running Time: 97 minutes

Tammy (Melissa McCarthy) is having a bad day. She's totaled her clunker car, gotten fired from her thankless job at a greasy burger joint, and instead of finding comfort at home, finds her husband getting comfortable with the neighbor in her own house. It's time to take her boom box and book it. The bad news is she's broke and without wheels. The worse news is her grandma, Pearl (Susan Sarandon), is her only option - with a car, cash, and an itch to see Niagara Falls. Not exactly the escape Tammy had in mind. But on the road, with grandma riding shotgun, it may be just what Tammy needs.

Trailer can be seen here.

Cinema 2 – Hungry Ghost Ritual

Rating: NC16 / Horror & Sexual Scene

Cast: Nick Cheung, Annie Liu, Carrie Ng

Director: Nick Cheung

Genre: Horror

Language: Mandarin with English and Mandarin subtitles

Running Time: 82 minutes

The movie tells the story of a Cantonese opera troupe that is harassed by malicious spirits ten days before the Hungry Ghost Festival, also known as Yu Lan Jie. Footages from the CCTV, installed by Zonghua (Nick Cheung), affirm his suspicions. Who are these spirits and what exactly are they after?

Trailer can be seen here.