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SFS core screening at GV Marina: Little Miss Sunshine / The Night Listener (members only)

What Cinema 1: Little Miss Sunshine - NC16 - sexual references (101 minutes)
Cinema 2: The Night Listener - M18 - sexual scene (83 minutes)
When 4 October 2006 (Wednesday), 9 pm
Where Golden Village Marina
Marina Square Shopping Mall
5A Raffles Avenue #03/04-01
Marina Leisureplex
Singapore 039801

Free admission but members only -- flash your membership card to go in. Non-members may sign up online or at the door -- we will issue membership on the spot. No tickets will be sold. Free seating.


(It's Toni Collette vs. Toni Collette ...)

Cinema 1 - Little Miss Sunshine
NC16 - sexual references (101 minutes)

LITTLE MISS SUNSHINE is an American family road comedy that shatters the mold. Brazenly satirical and yet deeply human, the film introduces audiences to one of the most endearingly fractured families in recent cinema history: the Hoovers, whose trip to a pre-pubescent beauty pageant results not only in comic mayhem but in death, transformation and a moving look at the surprising rewards of being losers in a winning-crazed culture. A runaway hit at the Sundance Film Festival, where it played to standing ovations, the film strikes a nerve with everyone who's ever been awestruck by how their muddled families seem to make it after all. Starring Greg Kinnear, Toni Collette, Paul Dano, Alan Arkin ... and introducing Abigail "Little Miss Sunshine" Breslin.

Cinema 2 - The Night Listener
M18 - sexual scene (83 minutes)

Based on the international bestseller by Armistead Maupin, THE NIGHT LISTENER is a psychological suspense story about the celebrated writer and popular, late-night radio show host Gabriel Noone (Robin Williams), who strikes up a telephone relationship with his biggest fan, a troubled and precocious young boy. When troubling questions arise regarding the boy's identity, it causes Gabriel's ordered existence to spin wildly out of control as he sets out on a harrowing journey to find the truth. Toni Collette, Rory Culkin and Sandra Oh co-star.


Coming Attractions!

10th Anniversary of "SFS @ GV Marina"

On November 6, 1996, we had our first ever "SFS @ GV Marina" core screening at GV Marina, when we moved into our new permanent home there and carved a new milestone in the Society's history. As some of you may remember, the film we screened that night was ESCAPE FROM L.A. For a decade now, we have brought a wide selection of current movies to members on our trademark Wednesday evenings. As the 10th Anniversary of this special arrangement approaches, we have great pleasure in announcing that, on our forthcoming AGM (Annual General Meeting) night on Wednesday 18th October 2006, we will be running the Society's first-ever "live" game, in-cinema, with free memberships to be won! The game will comprise 20 questions. The programme for the evening will be as follows:

Cinema 2
7.00pm Commencement of game
9.00pm Annual General Meeting

Cinemas 1 & 2
9.15pm Commencement of core screenings (film titles to be announced as usual by Wednesday 11th October)


*** 20 Film Questions Game ***

Date: October 18, 2006 (Wednesday)
Time: 7.00pm - 8.50pm (before the Annual General Meeting)
Venue: GV Marina Hall 1

- Present SFS members whose memberships are valid till October 2006 or later are eligible for the game.
- Present and former SFS committee members are not eligible.

Game registrations: (members only)

- 1st Prize: Two 12-month complimentary SFS membership vouchers
- 2nd Prize: Two 6-month complimentary SFS membership vouchers
- 3rd Prize: Two 3-month complimentary SFS membership vouchers

* The winning players may redeem their complimentary memberships after their present memberships are lapsed. Alternatively, they may offer the vouchers to other non- members as gifts.

* The vouchers will be expired if they are not redeemed by October 31, 2007.

Game rules: - Within a turn:

* One player is the answerer and another the questioner. The team can choose a category from "film", "actor/actress" or "director" to guess.

The game host will then supply the answerer an "object" within the selected category, and offer the questioner a free clue. The questioner will then try to guess the answer by asking a  series of yes-no questions for the answerer to respond. Only four types of responses are allowed: "yes", "no", "maybe" and "I don't know".

* The scope of the "answers": Films that were released theatrically in Singapore between Jan 1, 2003 and Oct 12, 2006, or actors/actresses/directors who appeared in or directed films that were released theatrically in Singapore within the same period.

* The team loses a turn if one of the following conditions is met,

- The questioner has already made three wrong guesses of the answer;

- The questioner has asked 20 questions (making guesses are counted as questions);

- The time limit for each turn: 3 minutes;

- The answerer responds with words other than the four eligible responses.

* If a team loses the first turn, a bonus turn is given where the two players will swap their roles of questioner and answerer. If the team still loses the bonus turn, no extra turn will be given.

- Within a round:

* Preliminary round (all teams):

- All teams take turn to play the game.

- At the end of the round, all teams will be ranked based on the following criteria,

(1) Teams who win their first turn will be ranked ahead of those who lose their first turn but win their bonus turn, followed by those who lose both their first and bonus turns;

(2) Teams who win their first turns will be ranked according to the number of questions asked during the turns (the less questions asked, the higher the rankings are), and so for those who win their bonus turns (to be ranked according to the number of questions asked during the bonus turns only).

- The top-5 teams will advance to the semi-final round.

- Tiebreaking turns will be played if necessary.

* Semi-final round (5 teams):

- Similar to the preliminary round.

- The top-3 team will advance to the step-ladder final round.

- Tiebreaking turns will be played if necessary.

* Step-ladder final round (3 teams):

- The 2nd- and 3rd-ranked teams in the semi-final round will play against each others until one team makes a correct guess while the other does not. The loser will be declared the 3rd Prize winner of the game.

- The winner between the 2nd- and 3rd-ranked teams will then play against the 1st-ranked team until one team makes a correct guess while the other does not. The winner and the loser will be declared the 1st and 2nd Prize winners of the game respectively.

- Depending the number of the participating teams, the organiser reserves the rights to cancel the preliminary and/or semi-final rounds, amend the number of the teams advance to the semi-final round or modify the other game rules.

- All the decisions made by the organizer or the game host before or during the game are final.


An example:

The team chooses the "actor/actress" category.
The game host shows the answer to the answerer (A), "Leonardo DiCaprio".
The game host gives a free clue to the questioner (Q), "The male actor was a teen idol back in mid-1990s."

Q: Is he an American? [Question 1]
A: Yes.
Q: Has he won an Oscar before? [Qn 2]
A: No.
Q: Was he a teenager during mid-1990s when he started acting? [Qn 3]
A: Yes.
Q: Is he now considered a character actor? [Qn 4]
A: Maybe.
Q: Does he appear in any film that is now showing in Singapore? [Qn 5]
A: Yes. [FYI: THE DEPARTED will open on Oct 12.]
Q: Is he Leonardo DiCaprio? [Qn 6]

The game host announces that the team wins the turn within 6 questions.