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Further clarification on 3 Apr (Vivo) and 10 Apr (Marina) screenings

What 3 Apr: SFS Talkies @Vivo (The Place Beyond the Pines)/ 10 Apr: Core Screening @Marina (Title to be confirmed)
When 3 April 2013 (Wednesday)



Dear Members,

Some of you have asked why this week's Vivo screening is on Wednesday (instead of the recently announced pattern of Mondays), and why this has led to a change in our regular Marina date.

We had originally intended to screen THE PLACE BEYOND THE PINES on Monday, but the film could not be classified in time. As we still want to have it for members at Vivo before it opens to the public, this Wednesday was the best option, and we thought it best, then, not to create our own clash with Marina sessions on the same night.

So please go only to Vivo (and not Marina) this Wednesday 3rd April.

And see you at Marina next Wednesday 10th April instead.
The film titles at GV Marina will be announced in the coming week from 4th April.