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[Core Screenings] Wed, 17 Oct 2012, 9pm: The Bullet Vanishes / Taken 2

What Cinema 1 - The Bullet Vanishes (PG13/Some Violence & Scene of Intimacy) Cinema 2 - Taken 2 (PG13/Some Violence)
When 17 October 2012 (Wednesday)
Where Golden Village Marina
Marina Square Shopping Mall
5A Raffles Avenue #03/04-01
Marina Leisureplex
Singapore 039801

Free admission but members only -- flash your membership card to go in. You may bring up to 2 guests if you hold a SFS Reel membership card. Non-members may sign up online or at the door -- we will issue membership on the spot. No tickets will be sold. Free seating.


Cinema 1 - The Bullet Vanishes (PG13/Some Violence & Scene of Intimacy)
Cast: Lau Ching-wan, Nicholas Tse, Yang Mi

Director: Lo Chi-Leung
Genre:Action/ Adventure
Language: Mandarin with English subtitles
Running Time:107 minutes

In an arsenal during the warlord era in China, a girl, accused of stealing
bullets, is shot to death by the Boss. Six months later, a series of murders
occur. Policemen Bao and Guo investigate the case. But all the clues point to
the dead girl! They then discover that stealing bullets is a cover-up for a
conspiracy between the Boss and the Police Chief. The latter tries to have Bao
and Guo killed, but that increases their determination to solve the mystery.
Finally, they find the real murderer


Cinema 2 - Taken 2  (PG13/Some Violence)

Cast: Liam Neeson, Famke Janssen, Maggie Grace
Director: Olivier Megaton
Genre:Action/ Thriller
Language: English
Running Time:94 minutes

When his wife is kidnapped during a vacation in Istanbul, retired CIA operative
Bryan Mills works to get his family to safety, rescue his wife, and take out the
kidnappers one by one.