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SFS Chinese Talkies - The Women from the Lake of Scented Souls / Datong: The Great Society

When 20 October 2012 (Saturday), 10am
Where Cathay Cineleisure Orchard
Level 6, Hall 12, 8 Grange Road Singapore 239695

Free admission but members only -- flash your membership card to go in. You may bring up to 2 guests if you hold a SFS Reel membership card. Non-members may sign up online or at the door -- we will issue membership on the spot. No tickets will be sold. Free seating.

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Note: Unless otherwise indicated, all films screened by Singapore Film Society have been passed clean by the censorship board




UniSIM Centre for Chinese Studies together with Singapore Film Society will be screening two films, “The Women from the Lake of Scented Souls“ directed by Xie Fei and “Datong: The Great Society” produced by Peggy Chiao on 20 October 2012 at Cathay Cineleisure Orchard.


Film buffs can also look forward to a face-to-face post screening dialogue session with Xie Fei and Peggy Chiao after the film screenings.


Screening schedule:


Session 1: “The Women from the Lake of Scented Souls“ at 10am 

Venue: Cinema Hall 7, Level 4 

Followed by Q&A with Director Xie Fei at 1145am

Venue: Preview Lounge, Level 6


Session 2: “Datong: The Great Society” at 1 pm

Venue: Cinema Hall 7, Level 4

Followed by Q&A with Producer Peggy Chiao at 3pm

Venue: Preview Lounge, Level 6


Light refreshment will be provided at the preview lounge.

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Session 1: 10am - The Women from the Lake of Scented Souls


Director/Screenwriter: Xie Fei

Production: Tianjin Film Studio and Changchun Film Studio

Principal Cast: Siqin Gaowa, Wu Yujuan, Lei Luosheng, Chen Baoguo

Year: 1992

Duration: 106 min

Rating: PG13



There is a sesame oil mill by beautiful Sesame Lake. The mill owner, Xiang Ersao (Siqin Gaowa), is an intelligent and spirited woman, who has been successfully running the business with her Japanese partners. But Xiang is unhappy. Her husband is an alcoholic given to violent outbursts and their only son is retarded. Xiang seeks comfort with a lover and occupies herself searching for a suitable wife for her son. Finally, in desperation, she pays a large sum of money for a young and beautiful daughter-in-law, who in turn finds out about Xiang’s clandestine relationship. Regretful, Xiang offers to free her daughter-in-law from the marriage to her son. But the woman asks, “Who will love me?”


Honours & Awards:

· Golden Bear award, 43rd Berlin Film Festival, 1993

· Outstanding film award of Chinese Government, 1993

· Third place of Shanghai Film critic’s Ten Best Films, 1993

· Best Screenplay of The Beijing Film Academy Award, 1993

· Best Actress Award, Chicago Film Festival, 1993

· Best Ten Chinese Film award, Hong Kong, 1993

· First place of The Ten Best Film of Chinese Contemporary Film, 1993




Session 2: 1pm - Datong: The Great Society


Director/Screenwriter: Evans Chan

Executive Producer: Peggy Chiao

Principal Cast: Liu Kai Chi, Lindzay Chan, Ben Yeung

Year: 2011

Duration: 117 min

Rating: PG



Accompanied by his daughter Kang Tung-Pih, Kang You-wei, hailed as \"the first modern Chinese,\" arrived in Sweden in 1904 and began a four-year sojourn on an idyllic island. A political fugitive from China\'s Qing dynasty, Kang and his disciple Liang Qi-chao organized China\'s first attempt at modern political reform in 1898, and built China\'s first political party in exile. Kang met President Theodore Roosevelt twice as a result of the anti-American boycott (1905-1906) he orchestrated to counteract the infamous Chinese Exclusion Act. Kang\'s most formidable challenge, though, was to rescue the reform-minded emperor from the lethal yoke of the recalcitrant Empress Dowager, and to convince his compatriots to modernize China by reforming the Manchu monarchy, rather than unleashing a violent revolution as championed by Dr. Sun Yat-sen.

Today, New York-based director Evans Chan (The Map of Sex and Love) recounts this lesser-known chapter in late-Qing history in this fascinating docudrama, with Liu Kai Chi playing the controversial reformer/philosopher, and Lindzay Chan his daughter, Kang Tongbi. The director has pulled a major coup luring renowned actress-choreographer Chiang Ching to narrate the film, her first in 40 years.



Honours & Awards:

· Southern Metropolitan Daily inaugural (2011) Movie of the Year Award

· Opening film for 2012 New Taipei City Film Festival

· Selected for entry to Italy Rome Film Festival, 2012

· Selected for screening at Harvard University, 2012

· Selected for screening at Boston University, 2012