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SFS Talkies - POETRY by Lee Chang-Dong (NC16)

What The new masterpiece by "Secret Sunshine" director, LEE Chang-dong. An emotional portrayal of an elderly woman studying poetry while quietly living with her grandchild. She is confronted with a harsh reality, but realizes her own strength.
Winner of the Cannes Film Festival's Award for Best Screenplay.
When 25 June 2011 (Saturday), 12.30pm

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Poetry / Shi

South Korea / 2010 / 139 min.
Director: LEE Chang-dong

Mija a woman in her sixties takes a poetry class and for the first time in her life, ponders poetry. When she returns home, she finds out that her middle school grandson is mixed up in the sexual assault of a schoolgirl and so she tries to get some settlement funds. Mija has two things to find; one is to find poesy for her first poetry and second is the money to persuade the victim of her grandson’s assault. The innocence or metaphysics expressed in the world of poetry matches up with the violence of males in Mija’s life, shaking her to the core. Through this process, Mija learns that writing poetry is not an act grown out of simple passion for beauty, but a struggle in life with violence.

Director’s Comments

These are times when poetry is dying away.
Some lament such loss and others claim, “Poetry deserves to die.”
Regardless, people continue to read and write poetry.

What does it mean then to be writing poetry when prospects of an ongoing future seem dismal? This is a question I want to pose to the public.

But in fact, it is a question I pose to myself as a filmmaker: What does it mean to be making films at times when films are dying away?

Director Lee Chang-dong has always been contrasting innocence with violence in his film. His film PEPPERMINT CANDY contrasted historical violence with innocence of first love, SECRET SUNSHINE on the other hand contrasted kidnapping with religious devotion.

Author, Ex-Minister of Culture, and multi-award winning director Lee Changdong started out relatively late in the film world but became a top director with films like GREEN FISH (1997), PEPPERMINT CANDY (1999), and OASIS (2002). SECRET SUNSHINE (2007) was shown in competition, Cannes Film Festival in 2007, and won its Actress Jeon Do-yeon (The HOUSEMAID) the Prix d'interprétation féminine du Festival de Cannes (Best Actress).


    * 2010 - Best Screenplay, Cannes Film Festival

    * 2010 - Best Film, Best Screenplay Korean Film Critics’ Association Awards

    * 2010 - Best Film, Best Director, Best Screenplay Korea Film Awards

    * 2011 - Best Director, Best Screenplay Asian Film Awards

Secret Sunshine

    * 2007 - Best Actress (won by Jeon Do-yeon), Cannes Film Festival

    * 2007 - Best Feature Film, Asia Pacific Screen Awards

    * 2007 - Best Performance by an Actress, Asia Pacific Screen Awards

    * 2007 - Best Picture, Best Director Korean Film Awards

    * 2008 - Best Film, Best Director, Asian Film Awards


    * 2003 - FIPRESCI Prize, Special Director's Award, Golden Lion (Nominated), Venice Film Festival

    * 2003 - Best Director, Paeksang Arts Awards

    * 2003 - Three Castles Award, Castellinaria International Festival of Young Cinema

    * 2003 - Audience Award, Gardanne Film Festival

    * 2003 - Chief Dan George Humanitarian Award, Vancouver International Film Festival

    * 2005 - Best Foreign Film (Nominated), The Independent Spirit Awards

Peppermint Candy

    * 2000 - Don Quijote Award, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

    * 2000 - Netpac Award - Special Mention, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

    * 2000 - Special Prize of the Jury, Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

    * 2000 - Special Jury Prize, Bratislava International Film Festival

    * 2000 - Best Film, Grand Bell Awards, South Korea

Green Fish

    * 1997 - Best Film, Blue Dragon Awards

    * 1997 - Dragons and Tigers Award, Vancouver International Film Festival

    * 1998 - Netpac Award - Special Mention, Rotterdam International Film Festival