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SFS & National Library Present "Broken Promises" (screening & discussion)

What As the United Nations turned 60, world leaders, scholars and government officials addressed the following questions: Has the U.N. lived up to its founderís ideals, and what has been accomplished since its inception? Has the world body been successful in protecting human rights and preventing genocide? Can the organisation be effective in the wake of the oil for food scandal and other internal crises?
When 21 July 2006 (Friday), 7.30 - 9.30pm
Where Possibility Room (5th level), National Library (100 Victoria Street)

Free to all; registration recommended – with subject line “UN at 60”


The film takes viewers on an exploration of many international crises – from the hostility between India and Pakistan in 1947, to the Arab/Israeli conflicts of the late 1940s, to the slaughter of millions of Cambodian refugees by Pol Pot in the 1970s and the hardships and genocides in Rwanda and Bosnia, to the recent oil for food scandal.

"Broken Promises: The United Nations at 60" is a clarion call to action for the United Nations to live up to the goals and objectives its charter mandated sixty years ago. Will the international community be up to the challenge?

Post-show discussion guest speaker:

Mr Kishore Mahbubani (Dean, Lee Kuan Yew School of Public Policy; ex-President of UN Security Council; ex-Singapore Ambassador to the UN)