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18th Israel Film Festival 2010

What Annual festival showcasing the best of films from Israel.
When 26 August 2010 (Thursday) - 5 September 2010 (Sunday)
Where The Picturehouse
5th Floor The Cathay
2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233
(Near Dhoby Ghaut MRT station)

Tickets at S$10.00 available from Thursday 12 August 2010.

Concession tickets at $9 are available for Singapore Film Society members only, upon presentation of valid membership card at The Picturehouse Box Office. Only one concession ticket is valid per membership, per screening.

For screenings at The Picturehouse: Tickets are at S$10 each and will be available for online bookings from 12 August 2010 at and also at The Picturehouse Box Office located at Level 5 of The Cathay, 2 Handy Road, Singapore 229233.



Organized by
The Israeli Embassy in Singapore

In partnership with:
Singapore Film Society
The Picturehouse
Cathay Cineplexes



Date Time Film Title Rating
Thursday 26 Aug 2010
7pm Beaufort NC16 (Some Coarse Language)
Friday 27 Aug 2010 7.15pm Five Hours From Paris
(Special Screening) The Picturehouse Explores
PG (Some Sexual References)
Saturday 28 Aug 2010 3pm The Policeman PG

7pm Beaufort NC16 (Some Coarse Language)
Sunday 29 Aug 2010 5pm The Troupe NC16 (Some Nudity)

7.15pm $9.99 M18 (Nudity)
Monday 30 Aug 2010 7.15pm Miss Entebbe PG (Some Violence)
Tuesday 31 Aug 2010 7.15pm The Policeman PG
Wednesday 1 Sep 2010 7.15pm The Troupe NC16 (Some Nudity)
Thursday 2 Sep 2010 9.30pm $9.99 M18 (Nudity)
Friday 3 Sep 2010 7.15pm The Debt NC16 (Some Nudity & Violence)
Saturday 4 Sep 2010 3pm Miss Entebbe PG (Some Violence)

9.30pm Five Hours From Paris PG (Some Sexual References)
Sunday 5 Sep 2010 5pm The Debt NC16 (Some Nudity & Violence)



Five Hours from Paris

Five Hours from ParisScreening sessions
- Friday 27 Aug - 7.15pm (Special Screening) The Picturehouse Explores
- Saturday 04 Sep - 9.30pm

DIRECTOR: Leonid Prudovsky
YEAR: 2008
GENRE: Romance/Comedy
LANGUAGE: Hebrew with English subtitles
RATING: PG (Some Sexual References)
CAST: Dror Keren, Yaralova Helena, Vladimir Friedman
Awards: Best Film award at the 2009 Haifa International Film Festival and was screened at the 2009 Toronto International Film Festival.

Is it ever too late for love? Pensive, French chanson-loving cabbie Yigal (Dror Keren) is a mild mannered divorcee who tries to overcome his fear of flying to fulfil the only dream he has left- to go to Paris . He meets and falls for Lena (Elena Yaralova), a former concert pianist and his son’s Russian music teacher who has been left behind by her husdand Grisha (Vladimir Friedman). Unfolding in a working-class suburb of Tel Aviv, this tenderly handled feature is a wistful marriage of comedy and romance. When two people who gave up their dreams meet, can they find a way to dream together?

The Picturehouse Explores: Five Hours From Paris with Director Leonid Prudovsky. Official movie screening will be followed by a discussion with the Director, 9pm at The Picturehouse Lounge, Level 5, The Cathay. To reserve your attendance email:


$9.99Screening sessions
- Sunday 29 Aug - 7.15pm
- Thursday 02 Sep - 9.30pm

DIRECTOR: Tatia Rosenthal
YEAR: 2007
GENRE: Animation/Drama
RATING: M18 (Nudity)
CAST: Samuel Johnson, Geoffrey Rush, Anthony LaPaglia
Awards: The film won two awards at the Mexico City International Contemporary Film Festival and was nominated for the Bronze Horse at the 2008 Stockholm Film Festival.

"Have you ever wondered 'What is the meaning of life? Why do we exist?' The answer to this vexing question is now within your reach! You'll find it in a small yet amazing booklet, which will explain; in easy to follow; your reason for being! The booklet, printed on the finest paper, contains illuminating, exquisite color pictures, and could be yours for a mere $9.99." This is the ad that opens this Australian-Israeli production and alters the life of unemployed, 28 year-old Dave Peck. In his struggle to share his find with the world, Dave's surreal path crosses with those of his unusual neighbors: an old man and his disgruntled guardian angel, a magician in debt, a bewitching woman who likes her men extra smooth, and a little boy who sets his piggy bank free. Together - can they find the meaning of life?$9.99

Miss Entebbe

Miss EntebbeScreening sessions
- Monday 30 Aug - 7.15pm
- Saturday 04 Sep - 3pm

YEAR: 2003
GENRE: Drama
LANGUAGE: Hebrew with English Subtitles
RATING: PG (Some Violence)
CAST: Merav Abrahami, Meyrav Gruber, Igal Naor, Alon Oleartchik
Awards: The film was the winner of the Crystal Bear Best Feature Film Award at the Berlin International Film Festival in 2003 and the Camério Best Actress Award at Carrousel International du Film

Set during the summer of 1976 in Jerusalem when Palestinian terrorists hijack an air France aircraft full with Israelis. Noa, a 13 year old Isreali girl, knows one of the hostages and she decides to take action to free the aircraft. Noa and a group of kids decide to hold a hostage of their own; they abduct an Arab boy working at their building and demand the release of the aircraft in exchange to his release. Their plan backfires when the boy turns out to create a problem of another kind. Noa and her friends discover that the solution is not to be found in the violent adult world and scope of behavior, but rather within their own hearts. Director Omri Levy cleverly brings out not only the story of Noa, and society's influence on her, but also her constant stumbling comprehension of life, from the wild enthusiasm of early childhood to the tentative explorations at the arrival of adolescence.

The Debt

The DebtScreening sessions
- Friday 03 Sep - 7.15pm
- Sunday 05 Sep - 5pm

DIRECTOR: Assaf Bernstein
YEAR: 2007
GENRE: Thriller
LANGUAGE: Hebrew, German with English subtitles
RATING: NC16 (Some Nudity & Violence)
CAST: Netta Garti, Gila Almagor, Edgar Selge

As her retirement unfurls, ex-Mossad agent Rachel (Gila Almagor) unexpectedly comes face to face with a long-buried demon from her past in this haunting psychological thriller. The highlight of Rachel's career at central intelligence was the successful track down a long-elusive Nazi war criminal ominously nicknamed "The Surgeon of Birkenau." Now, in the mid-90s, Rachel finds out that elderly gentleman in a Kiev, Ukraine nursing home, insists that he is actually the "real" surgeon. Director Bernstein blends 1960s spy film visual style with the tale of a woman in her golden years summoned to perform one last mission, checking off an old assignment.

The Troupe

The TroupeScreening sessions
- Sunday 29 Aug - 5pm
- Wednesday 01 Sep - 7.15pm

DIRECTOR: Avi Nesher
YEAR: 1979
GENRE: Musical Comedy
LANGUAGE: Hebrew with English Subtitles
RATING: NC16 (Some Nudity)
CAST: Gidi Gov, Liron Nirgad, Sassi Keshet

Can Israeli soldiers sing? This musical comedy is set in 1967 following the Six-Day War in Israel. It follows the story of twelve young men and women, all members of an Israeli Army entertainment troupe. They perform comedy and singing acts through bus trips and stage shows, taking time to follow a few romances and friendships along the way. But how do you deal with a director who is also your commanding officer? How would the performing divas take orders? And how similar is an army battle to a battle for the lead part? A cult favourite in Israel, The Troupe impeccably showcases the soldier entertainers, the real personal and worldly tensions they face daily, and how they might get under each other's skin but when the chips are down they will rally to stick together.

The Policeman

The PolicemanScreening sessions
- Saturday 28 Aug - 3pm
- Tuesday 31 Aug - 7.15pm

DIRECTOR: Ephraim Kishon
YEAR: 1971
GENRE: Comedy
LANGUAGE: Hebrew with English subtitles
CAST: Shaike Ophir, Zaharira Harifai, Avner Hizkiyahu
Awards: The film was nominated for an Oscar in 1972 for Best Foreign Language Film and won the Golden Globe for Best Foreign-Language Foreign Film

This hilarious heart warming, bittersweet comedy is set in Jaffa, Israel. The Policeman- Azulai (Shaike Ophir) is beloved by everyone who knows him - his police colleagues and the criminals he is chasing. He is also completely inept at law enforcement. He has been on the force for 20 years, and his contract is up for renewal. His police superiors cannot bring themselves to keep him on, despite their love of him. The gang of robbers who live in his district and also adore the kind sweet man are afraid that a more competent policeman will replace him. They arrange for Azulai to catch them red-handed in a nefarious crime- just so that the police keeps him in the force. This however takes a lot of doing, as naive useless Azulai keeps missing the obvious clues they dangle in front of him.


BeaufortScreening sessions
- Thursday 26 Aug - 7pm
- Saturday 28 Aug - 7pm

DIRECTOR: Joseph Cedar
YEAR: 2007
GENRE: Drama/ Action
LANGUAGE: Hebrew with English subtitles
RATING: NC16 (Some Coarse Language)
CAST: Alon Aboutboul, Adi Adouan, Guy Apriat
Awards: The film was nominated for an Oscar in 2008 for Best Foreign Film and has won awards at the Berlin International Film festival as well as the Awards of the Israel Film Academy.

Perched atop a mountain in southern Lebanon, the Beaufort Castle has passed from army to army for centuries. In the year 2000, Liraz, a 22 years old Israeli commander, and his men are in charge of defending the last outpost. This is their story not of war, but of retreat, a story of no enemy, but an amorphous entity that drops bombs from the skies.

The story is set in the last days before Israel's withdrawal from Lebanon. The young soldiers in their late teens and early twenties know the end of their mission is near; they will get to go home within a few days, they just have to survive until the order comes. Physically survive the constant bombing and mentally survive the troubling torturing question- what are we here for?