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Cathay Classics Outdoor Screenings @ China Square Central

What We celebrate this coming season of Chinese New Year with the screenings of 4 Cathay Classics, featuring the incredible performance of popular singer/ actress Grace Chang (Ge Lan) and the work of acclaimed novelist/ screen writer Eileen Chang.
When 29 January 2010 (Friday) - 27 February 2010 (Saturday), 7:30 pm
Where China Square Central, Fountain Square
18 Cross Street Singapore 048423

Free admission


Admission: FREE
There will be free snacks like Kacang Puteh and popcorn too! This is a rain or shine event. Screenings will be shifted indoors if we encounter bad weather. Remember to bring along your own mats, cushions & picnic baskets!

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Jan 29 & 30 - 7:30pm

Wild Wild Rose 野玫瑰之恋 - Jan 29
1960 Mandarin with Eng SUbtitles, B/W 124mins, Drama/ Musical
Director : Wang Tianlin / Cast : Ge Lan, Zhang Yang

In this musical noir, Ge Lan (Grace Chang) stars as the title character Rose and sizzles as Hong Kong's most sensual Carmen ever in this tale of seduction and betrayal. The torrid passions of Bizet's famous opera gets a postmodern reading when it is transposed to the noir-like setting of Hong Kong's Wanchai district. One of the most exhilarating and energetic musicals in the Chinese language.

Songs from Wild Wild Rose:


Our Dream Car 香车美人 - Jan 30
1959 Mandarin with English Subtitles, B/W 100mins, Drama/ Musical
Director: Yi Wen / Cast : Ge Lan, Zhang Yang

A gem in every sense of the word, the film features popular idols Ge Lan (Grace Chang) and Zhang Yang as a couple of newlyweds who struggle hard to acquire the latest symbol of middle-class affluence: a motor car, but only to find themselves in alienating situations. Director Yi Wen’s script is full of lively and humorous details coupled with his affectionate direction and his two charming young stars.

About Grace Chang 葛蘭
Grace Chang is better known as Ge Lan to fans of her Chinese language movies. She was born in 1934 in Nanjing, China. Growing up in Shanghai, she was trained in classical Beijing opera before moving with her family to Hong Kong aged 15. Her first feature debut was Seven Sisters in 1953. Two years later, she joined MP & GI Film Studio. Grace Chang enjoyed wide popularity as a star in musical comedies and melodramas. After her marriage in 1961, her career slowed down. Her last major film was The Story of Three Loves in 1964. Some of the 30 films she appeared in are classics and are well-loved even today. Grace Chang was also an exceptional recording artiste, often singing her own songs in her movies.

Feb 26 & 27 - 7:30pm

The Greatest Wedding On Earth 南北一家亲 - Feb 26
1962 Mandarin/Cantonese with Eng Subtitles, B/W 104mins, Comedy
Director : Wang Tianlin / Cast : Bai Luming, Lei Zhen, Liang Xingbo, Liu Enjia
Writer: Eileen Chang

While dining at the restaurant of southerner Shen Jingbing (Liang Xingbo), northerner Li Shipu (Liu Enjia) is an unsatisfied customer and kicks up a big fuss. Li decides to open his own restaurant right across the road to spite Shen. One day, Shen's son brings his girlfriend Manling home and all are impressed with her only to find out later that she is Li's daughter... Since the success of the comedy The Greatest Civil War on Earth, there was a popular demand for films of similar genres. In response to this, MP&GI (Cathay) film studios decided to have a new comedy satirizing the conflict between the Cantonese and the Northerners. Entitled The Greatest Wedding on Earth, the script was penned by novelist Eileen Chang based on a story by Nellie Qin Yu, and stars the same cast from The Greatest Civil War - Kitty Ding Hao, Christine Pai Lu-ming, Kelly Lei Zhen, Cheung Ching, and veteran stars Leung Sing-por and Liu Enjia as the quarreling fathers.

June Bride 六月新娘 - Feb 27
1960 Mandarin with English Subtitles, B/W 103mins, Comedy/ Musical
Director : Tang Huang / Cast : Ge Lan, Zhang Yang
Writer: Eileen Chang

June Bride is a great musical comedy once again starring Grace Chang and Zhang Yang. Audience will be brought to a new dimension of Grace's versatility, with her portrayal of a young bride being caught under the cross fire of conflicting emotions. Her beautiful singing voice will no doubt provide her fans with great entertainment, while Eileen Chang's sharp and sarcastic script adds depth and humor to the film.

About Eileen Chang 张爱玲

Eileen Chang has emerged as one of the best modern Chinese fiction writers. Born in 1920 to a renowned family in Shanghai, her works frequently deal with the tensions between men and women in love, and are considered by many scholars to be among the best Chinese literature of the period in the 1940's. When Chang relocated to Hong Kong in the 1950's, the revival of her scriptwriting career produced a series of popular and witty comedies, which showcase her talent for straddling the urban high-brow and low-brow.

It is only fitting that Eileen Chang should be a favorite with filmmakers across generations. Among her early works were film reviews for an English-language newspaper in Shanghai. She showed great promise as a scriptwriter and ended up leaving a couple of gems in her literary legacy that were specifically for the big screen.