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World Cinema Series: The Mad Fox/ Koiya koi nasuna koi

What The Mad Fox tells the story of courtly love and fox spirits set during Japanís Heian period.
When 9 February 2010 (Tuesday), 7:30 pm
Where National Museum of Singapore, Gallery Theatre
93 Stamford Road Singapore 178897

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Dir: Tomu Uchida
1962 | Japan | 109 min | Rating to be advised
In Japanese with English subtitles

The Mad Fox tells the story of courtly love and fox spirits set during Japan’s Heian period. Gloom and ill omen abound the Japan’s ancient capital, Nara. Yasuna, next-in-line for the politically dangerous position of the Court Yin Yang Master, and his lover Sasaki, were held suspect for the theft of the Golden Crow – an arcane scroll with cryptic information on the calamities. Sasaki died during interrogation but Yasuna managed to escape.

Years later, Yasuna came face to face with Sasaki’s identical younger sister, Kuzunoha. This respite proved short-lived when a fox spirit took a liking to Yasuna. She transformed into the likeness of Kuzunoha/Sasaki, took the place of Yasuna’s new bride, and later even raised a child with him. But it is only so long before the truth is revealed.

The Mad Fox incorporates animation, kabuki and butoh, colourist experiments, collapsing sets, animal masks and scroll compositions with exhilarating results. The actors walk over revolving stages into fields shining in Van Gogh yellow and through papier-mâché décor, with Uchida pulling out all stops for the finale. The film is both a culmination of Uchida’s interest in theatrical forms and his reflection on filmic representation.

Special thanks to Akira Tochigi, National Film Center, The National Museum of Modern Art, Tokyo and Toei Company Limited.