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Singapore Showcase - Free program of Animation Nation 2009

What Featuring the winners and participants of Digicon 2009. This animation showcase is co-presented by the Media Development Authority and the Singapore Film Society. There will be a post-screening Q&A with invited filmmakers.
When 10 October 2009 (Saturday), 4pm - 5:30pm
Where library@esplanade Level 3, Esplanade Theatre 8 Raffles Avenue, #03-01

Free admission for the public. 



Level 3, Esplanade Theatre
8 Raffles Avenue, #03-01

Oct 10, 4pm – 5:30pm 
There will be a post-screening Q&A session with invited filmmakers.

Featuring the winners and participants of Digicon 2009. This showcase is co-presented by the Media Development Authority and the Singapore Film Society.

A naughty Humpty Dumpty refuses to share his food with others.
- 5th Singapore Short Film Festival
- Animania '09

ALICE - Jerold Tay Lin Ken, 2:48, Papercrane Productions
A modern take on "Alice in Wonderland"

Escape - Leong Hanming Francis, 0:35, Egg Story Digital Arts School
Game cinematic of a car.

Hush Baby - Tan Wei Keong, 3:40
A curious baby is protected from an environment of temptation.
- Special Mention, 22nd Singapore International Film Festival
- Official Selection, 2nd San Joaquin International Film Festival, California
- Official Selection, 5th IndPanda Short Film Festival, Hong Kong
- 6th Singapore Short Cuts

Feel in the Bank - Ng Jia Jun Jeremy, 1:00, NJC Design Club
If you could draw a picture about Singapore, what would it be about?

Making a Scene - Yeo Kwan Hwa, 7:20,
A group of local filmmakers trying to shoot a particular 'pontianak' scene but just cannot get it right.

Military Monkey Mission – Lim Ern Li Owen, 3:43, M3
A Monkey goes military in search of a female monkey

Mingle with Lingo –  Adeline Tan Chin Yun, 1:00, Media-Luna
It takes a true Singaporean to taste Singapore's very own drinks and know the unique lingo that goes with them.

My Father is a Washerman - Srinivas Bhakta, 8:18
A washer man struggles with an evil scarecrow who tries to snatch a kite away from his son.
- In Competition, Wide Angle Section, 2009 Pusan International Film Festival, Korea
- In Competition, 2009 Muuuvi Fest, Romania
- Recipient of the MDA/ SFS Animated Short Film Initiative 2008 - 2009

Nebula - Lai Yuen Pan, 3:44, 3MB Productions
A fight scene between 2 last remaining robots in a distant planet.

Newton’s Apple - Mei Konishi, 2:56, Apple
An entertaining short animation based on a boy's life in the upside down world.

Our Home - Liu Xian Neng, 1:00, VA Club 01
Let the Lego blocks show how housing in Singapore has transformed over the years and see what the true Singaporean spirit is all about!

Perspectives - Eleanor Koh Ching Ern, 1:00
Life\\\\\\\'s all about looking at things in the correct perspective. Let's take a journey into the heartlands to discover the true Singaporean.

Priceless Singapore – Charlotte Wang Tze Ming, 1:00, Midnight Artists
Credit cards, dollar notes and receipts - what do they really say about us as a people? Let\\\\\\\'s take a peek into the wallet…

PULCINELLO - Gabriella Mesenas, 5:18, Gabriella Mesenas & Team
A story of a puppet, Pulcinello and his girl Columbine.

Rhyming Past Our Flaws -  Natasha Sonya D'cruz, 1:00, Oathkeeper15
An entertaining rap to describe us all: flaws, joys, what we value and much, much more!

Seeds of Love - Fransisca Santosa, 1:00,
When saga seeds come together, they tell a beautiful story about Singapore - our hands, our hearts and our home.

The Story of I - Syarah Mahmood, 4:05, Syarah Mahmood and team
The main theme of the story is identity. Girl, Red, disturbs the continuity of the grey world.

The Meezes: Monkey God Tree - Ng Shuwen, 2:49, Wookika Studio
The premise of the animation revolves around the context on the unusual events that have happened in Singapore. An example is the Monkey God tree, where people believed that it was the doing of god and considered it as a possession of god.

The Plastic Bags - Bryan Han Xin Chou, 1:00, Granroneo
Watch how the humble plastic bag is used creatively by Singaporeans!

The Singapore Identity - Chong Kai Xin Laura, 1:00, Sigafour
Watch the special yet well-known aspects of Singaporeans come to life, accompanied by a catchy tune.

The Singaproe Symphony - Kimberly Ho Lilin, 1:00 Les Animateurs
Everyday sounds heard from dawn to dusk - a uniquely Singaporean Symphony!

Walled - Wan Azlina Laili Bte Abdul Latiff, 1:33
A short clip using rotoscoping against live video.

War Men – Cao Youfang, 3:45, gameLAB, Nanyang Technological University
Earth's destruction is told through three stages of human warfare.

White – Tan Wei Keong, 2:10
A man, dissatisfied with a white cube for a head, decides to give it up immediately for a fanciful one in the name of self-improvement, only to find himself unwillingly dealing with the consequences.