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SFS 2009 Oscar poll contest

What Predict the winners for this year's Oscars!
When 1 February 2009 (Sunday) - 22 February 2009 (Sunday)


The Singapore Film Society Oscar contest is a contest for our members to select the most number of winning votes in this year’s 2009 Oscars. Please use the form to pick out your predictions on who will win in each category. You can fill in the form beforehand and submit it for our screenings on Feb 4th, Feb 7th or Feb 18th. 

Form available at



This contest is meant to be fun, so please don’t take it too seriously!

Contest Rules

1.       Only current SFS members are allowed to enter the contest.

2.       Each member is limited to one entry.

3.       Forms submitted without name or membership number are disqualified. 

4.       Committee members are not allowed to enter the contest or win prizes.

5.       In the case of a tie of entries with the most number of correct predictions, the winning entry will be selected by a draw.

6.       Closing date for the contest is Feb 18th, 2008. Entries should be submitted by end of the screening on that day.

7.       Entries must be received at our screenings. E-mail entries are not allowed.

8.       The form can be downloaded at our website and filled in before screenings.

9.       Contest winner will be announced at the SFS website by March 15th, 2008.



The prize will be given to the member who selected the most number of correct entries.

Prize: One year reel-card membership worth $90.