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Filmaka SAB Miller competition

What Life is what you pour in it. A 1-3 minute pitch filmmaking competition.
When 2 June 2008 (Monday) - 11 June 2008 (Wednesday)


Life is what you pour in it.

This is currently a tag line for an SAB Miller brand but, beyond this, it is a theme to be celebrated, with no limits.

Your written PITCH for a 1-3 MINUTE FILM should take this idea and push it to the maximum. Celebrate life, celebrate love, celebrate integrity, celebrate the world around you. Swim through intrepid waters, climb any mountain you want or skip through fields of daffodils. Just look deep inside - what do you pour yourself into? Your family life, your travels, your work, your adventures, your music, your filmmaking, your jeans?

SAB Miller doesn't need the film you PITCH to contain product placement. They want content that will grab people's attention. They want films that will make audiences sit up and take notice. They want films that take the title theme and give it emotion and meaning.

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