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New Zealand Film Festival (open to the public)

What Featuring the finest selection of films from New Zealand.
When 9 May 2008 (Friday) - 12 May 2008 (Monday)
Where Golden Village VivoCity
1 Harbourfront Walk VivoCity, Levels 2 & 3, Singapore 098585 Tel: 6311 9162

Tickets at S$10 per session available from 24 April at the GV Vivo City box-office, on-line at, and at AXS stations islandwide. SFS members are entitled to discounted tickets at S$9 per session on production of a valid SFS membership card in person at the GV Vivo City box-office (limited to one discounted ticket per member per session).



Presented by New Zealand Trade & Enterprise

Screening schedule

Sessions start punctually at the stated times (there will be no trailers, unlike normal screenings).

Fri 9 May

7.00pm :: Remembering Ed (66 minutes - G) + Coffee and Allah (14 minutes - PG)
9.00pm :: Perfect Creature (87 minutes) - M18

Sat 10 May

4.30pm :: Tongan Ninja (85 minutes) - NC16
7.00pm :: Once Were Warriors (90 minutes) - M18
9.00pm :: FREE SESSION:
              Flight of the Conchords (2 episodes x 27 minutes) + Take 3 (12 minutes) - PG

Sun 11 May

4.30pm :: Remembering Ed (66 minutes - G) + Coffee and Allah (14 minutes - PG)
7.00pm :: Tongan Ninja (85 minutes) - NC16
9.00pm :: Perfect Creature (87 minutes) - M18

Mon 12 May

7.00pm :: Perfect Creature (87 minutes) - M18
9.00pm :: Once Were Warriors (90 minutes) - M18

Please note that age restrictions apply for some of the following ratings:

TBA: To be advised
or General
PG: Parental Guidance required
NC16: No Children below 16 years old
M18: Mature 18 -- restricted to persons 18 years old and above
R21: Restricted to persons 21 years old and above



New Zealand’s film industry is internationally recognised for its creative talent, stunning landscapes, and award-winning visual effects capabilities. The 5th New Zealand Film Festival celebrates this with a diverse range of New Zealand heroes from film, television and every-day life. When it comes to taking on the world, New Zealand proves size doesn’t matter...

The Films


Flight Of The Conchords (2007)

Duration: 54 minutes
Director: James Bobin
Producer: Anna Dokoza
Writers: James Bobin, Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie

“Flight of the Conchords” is an original HBO Original series that follows the adventures of the Flight of the Conchords, a novelty-folk band from New Zealand, as its members seek fame and success in New York City. The show portrays a fictionalized version of the real-life Grammy Award winning music-comedy duo, Jemaine Clement (Eagle vs Shark) and Bret McKenzie, who play themselves.

“Sally” – Episode 1

Bret and Jemaine go to a party at Dave's place where Jemaine sees, and falls for, a beautiful girl named Sally. Jemaine's growing relationship leaves Bret feeling neglected and Murray helps the band film a music video.

“Bret Gives Up the Dream” – Episode 2

The band's poor financial state leads Bret to get a job as a human billboard to help make ends meet. However, it interferes with the band's gig at a travel expo, so Murray and Jemaine replace Bret with a cassette tape in hopes of outdoing the flashier Australian display. Bret is attracted to a girl, Coco, at his new job.
Coming to Singapore on HBO Signature on June 9, 10pm


Take 3 (2008)

Duration: 12 minutes
Director/Writer: Roseanne Liang
Producer: Owen Hughes

Receiving special mention in the 2008 Berlin Film Festival, “Take 3” is Roseanne Liang’s follow-up to her award-winning documentary on her life as a Chinese New Zealander, “Banana in a Nutshell”.

The audition room is a minefield for three Asian actresses who are expected to be Asian in ways they’re not completely comfortable with. When the humiliations mount, they transcend their professional rivalry in one gleeful act of solidarity, empowering themselves with the very stereotypes that they’ve been subjected to.


Perfect Creature (2007)

Duration: 87 minutes
Director/Writer: Glenn Standring
Producer: Tim Sanders

Starring Dougray Scott (Hitman, Desperate Housewives, Mission Impossible 2) and Saffron Burrows (The Bank Job, Troy, Frida), “Perfect Creature” is a highly original retelling of the vampire myth, set in an alternate version of the 1960’s.

The Brothers are Vampires; not the vampires of European myth, but living breathing creatures - perhaps the next evolutionary step. They live long - 200 years or more, remaining youthful until near death, when they rapidly decay in mind and body.

Old prejudices, fed by the superstitions of the mythical vampire, simmer in this world, but these are largely suppressed when a new, virulent form of influenza cuts a swathe through the population. Humanity needs the help of the wise and serene Brothers to fight this microbial war.

A problem arises which threatens to destroy everything. One of The Brothers has begun to do what no other Brother has ever done: hunt human beings. Order and peace between the races is threatened and if the news escapes, the fragile balance that exists between the two races will be shattered forever. Instead, the Brothers attempt to deal with the problem in secret, assigning one of their own, Silus (Scott), to capture the renegade who threatens it all: his brother, Edgar.


Tongan Ninja (2003)

Duration: 85 minutes
Director: Jason Stutter
Writer: Jason Stutter, Jemaine Clement
Producer: Andrew Calder

He comes from the mighty Kingdom of Tonga (pop: 105,600, principal export: baby squash). He is trained in the ancient art of ninjitsu. He is, unsurprisingly, TONGAN NINJA, and now his story can be told.

Ever since his father was eaten by a fish, Sione was brought up to follow the way of the ninja. Now he must journey toward his greatest challenge and defend the beautiful Miss Lee and her restaurant from Mr Big and the Syndicate. These men will stop at nothing to get their hands on an ethnic hospitality establishment servicing the central business district.

Only his fists and his long years of training in Tonga will help him face Gun Man (he’s good with guns), Knife Man (good with knives), Henchman (good with henches), Chef Guy (you get the idea) and Asian Sidekick. Finally, he must confront his ultimate nemesis - Action Fighter (Jemaine Clement of Flight of the Conchords fame). Will love, and a great deal of physical violence, triumph in the end? You work it out.

Shot in stunning yet convenient locations, Tongan Ninja features exciting new sound and special effects techniques designed to fool the extremely gullible into thinking it was done for real.


Remembering Ed, A Tribute To Sir Edmund Hillary (2008)

Duration: 66 minutes
Director: Tom Scott

“Remembering Ed” is the definitive documentary on the life of one of New Zealand's greatest heroes - Sir Edmund Hillary, who passed away on 11 January 2008. The fame he received from climbing Mt Everest was the start of an exceptional life that has inspired human kind the world over.

"Remembering Ed - A Tribute to Sir Edmund Hillary” pays tribute to the legend. It looks at Sir Edmund Hillary's life after summiting Mt Everest and the amazing legacy he's left behind to not only New Zealand and Nepal, but worldwide - an in-depth look into his exemplary life.

A percentage of the proceeds from the screening of this documentary will be donated to the Himalayan Trust, which provides health & education to his much loved Sherpa community & the lower economic strata in the Nepalese kingdom.



Duration: 14 minutes
Director: Sima Urale
Writer: Shuchi Kothari

Coffee and Allah is about an Ethiopian Muslim woman’s appetite for coffee, Islam and a good game of badminton. Despite her purdah, a Samoan barrista at the local coffee shop takes a shine to her and attempts to bridge the cultural chasm.


Once Were Warriors (1994)

Duration: 90 minutes
Director: Lee Tamahori
Producer: Robin Scholes
Writers: Riwia Brown and Alan Duff

In a violent relationship, it takes a mother's strength to save herself and her children from the man she loved.

ONCE WERE WARRIORS is a violent love story set against a contemporary urban backdrop.

Eighteen years after Jake and Beth Heke married in the first flush of teenage love, it's easy to see why Beth found him irresistible. Jake is a muscular handsome man who exudes an explosive sexual energy. Even now, five kids later, he can still arouse Beth with one look.

But Jake now spends most of his time at the pub proving his manhood with his fists. And if Beth ansers back, she's likely to get the same treatment.

But Beth's a survivor. It will take more than a few knocks to conquer her spirit and besides, she's still deeply in love with Jake.

At home, Beth struggles to keep the family together but the violence is taking its toll. One son has joined a gang, the next has been taken into welfare. Still untouched is Grace, the beautiful teenage daughter, a gifted writer and thinker who embodies Beth's own hope for a better future.

Tragically, Grace's special gifts set her apart from her tough urban surroundings and make her the most vulnerable member of her family. She's destined to be cut down before she's had a chance to mature.

While the loss of Grace is the worst tragedy Beth can imagine, it is also the very thing which turns her own life around for the better. Forced to make a choice - her man or her family - Beth finds the strength to seek a new alternative.