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Italian Film Festival 2006

What Showcasing 7 recent films from Italy, including award-winning festival favourites.
When 19 May 2006 (Friday) - 24 May 2006 (Wednesday)

GV Plaza
Plaza Singapura Shopping Centre
(near Dhoby Ghaut MRT Station)
(Click here for location map)


S$9.50 tickets available to the public from 4 May 2006:

S$8.50 discounted tickets available to SFS members, ONLY at the GV Plaza box-office. (SFS members must produce a valid SFS membership card. Limited to one discounted ticket per member per session.)

Phone bookings are NOT available for SFS film festivals.


Presented by The Italian Trade Commission, Italian Cultural Institute, Singapore Film Society and Golden Village



Screening schedule

Sessions start punctually at the stated times (there will be no trailers, unlike normal screenings).

Fri 19 May

7.00pm :: And If Tomorrow (PG)
9.30pm :: The Last Kiss (M18: Intimate Scenes)

Sat 20 May

4.30pm :: Pontormo (PG)
7.00pm :: The Days Of Abandonment (M18: Scenes of intimacy)
9.30pm :: Three Wives (NC16: Course Language)

Sun 21 May

4.30pm :: Stolen Childhood (M18: Some mature content)
7.00pm :: The Life I Want (M18: Some Nudity)
9.30pm :: And If Tomorrow (PG)

Mon 22 May

7.00pm :: The Last Kiss (M18: Intimate Scenes)
9.30pm :: The Days Of Abandonment (M18: Scenes of intimacy)

Tue 23 May

7.00pm :: Pontormo (PG)
9.30pm :: The Life I Want (M18: Some Nudity)

Wed 24 May

7.00pm :: Three Wives (NC16: Course Language)
9.30pm :: Stolen Childhood (M18: Some mature content)


Please note that age restrictions apply for some of the following ratings:

TBA: To be announced
or General
PG: Parental Guidance required
NC16: No Children below 16 years old
M18: Mature 18 -- for persons 18 years old and above
R21: Restricted to persons 21 years old and above



The Films


The Life I Want (La Vita Che Vorrei)

The Life I Want (La Vita Che Vorrei) Directed by Giuseppe Piccioni, 2004, 125 minutes, M18: Some Nudity

Laura, in her thirties and with an undefined but aspiring acting background, has been chosen for a leading role in a film, set in the eighteenth century, about unhappy love. During the filming, she meets Stefano, an established and famous actor, there after a film which is failing. Her career is taking off, but her past still makes her insecure. He is jealous of her success. Their relationship gets influenced by their roles and takes the path of the film story. THE LIFE I WANT is a film about sentiment and attraction, insecurity and strength, generosity and egoism, reality and fiction. The strong cast is led by Sandra Ceccarelli of LIGHTS OF MY EYES and PROFESSION OF ARMS fame.

Festivals: Berlinale, Bangkok, Palm Springs, Copenhagen, Edinburgh, Haifa, Moscow, Annecy Cinema Italien.



Pontormo Directed by Giovanni Fago, 2003, 102 minutes, PG

The film, which is set in Florence during the Renaissance of the 1500s, tells the story of the last days in the life of the painter, Jacobo Carrucci, better known as Pontormo. The story begins with Pontormo at the age of 61. Fearing the onset of death, he has been keeping a detailed diary, describing the progress of his work, his expenses, and his meals with his trusted friend, Bronzino. The painter faces mounting personal struggles, combating ill health and defending his art against the increasing pressure of the Inquisition. Anna, a beautiful woman who cannot speak, captures his heart and soul, becoming an enduring source of inspiration for him, but she is unexpected arrested on charges of witchcraft……With stunning performances by Joe Mantegna, Galatea Ranzi, Toni Bertorelli.


The Days Of Abandonment (I Giorni Dell'abbandono)

The Days Of Abandonment (I Giorni Dell'abbandono) Directed by Roberto Faenza, 2005, 96 minutes, M18: Scenes of intimacy

Unexpectedly abandoned by her husband, Olga falls into a whirlpool of desperation. She is still young, and a mother of two children. She loses her self-confidence and gives everything away -- even the children. Then happiness and hope arrive after deep introspection and a series of people she meets, including a musician from the neighbourhood. The story is told via the heroine's first person narrative; it develops into a 'thriller of the soul', evoking enigmatic figures, charged with wonder and rage. Inspired by Elena Ferrante's novel.

Cast: Margherita Buy, Luca Zingaretti, Goran Bregovic. Festivals: Bangkok, Sao Paulo, La Biennale di Venezia.


Stolen Childhood (Certi Bambini)

Stolen Childhood (Certi Bambini) Directed by Antonio Frazzi, 2004, 94 minutes,  M18: Some mature content

Eleven-year-old Rosario lives in a working class complex, and looks after his elderly, ill grandmother. With the other children on the street, he spends his daily existence aping the adults and imitating their worst behaviour. The city around them is dark, uncertain, and ruled by the camorra and low life. Influences in his life alternate between good and bad. At a centre which helps troubled families, he meets a young girl whom he falls in love with. For the first time, he experiences positive emotions and sentiments, but his dreams are destined to wane. Based on the novel by Diego De Silva.

Cast: Arturo Paglia, Gianluca di Gennaro, Carmine Recano.

Festivals: Palm Springs, Bangkok, Cleveland, Istanbul, Monaco, Vancouver, and many others. Winner of two David di Donatello awards (Best Producer and Best Editor).


The Last Kiss (L'ultimo Bacio)

The Last Kiss (L'ultimo Bacio)Directed by Gabriele Muccino, 2000, 115 minutes, M18: Intimate Scenes

One of the most successful Italian films in recent years, with eight characters and three different generations, focused on the ups and downs of Carlo, a 30-year-old bored with everyday life, who's going to marry Giulia, his pregnant girlfriend. During his friend Marco's stag night, Carlo meets Francesca, an 18-year-old student, and has a relationship with her. Meanwhile, Guilia's middle-aged mother, Anna, is going through her own crisis, constantly telling her passive husband she's leaving him, but never quite starting an affair. THE LAST KISS showcases the sophisticated, sensitive touch of one of Europe's most celebrated young filmmakers.

Cast: Stefano Accorsi, Giovanna Mezzogiorno, Stefania Sandrelli.

Awards: Stupor Mundi at Trani Film Festival (2003), Audience Award at Sundance Festival Film (2002); David di Donatello Awards (2001) for Best Direction, Best Production and Best Supporting Actress.


Three Wives (Tre Mogli)

Three Wives (Tre Mogli)Directed by Marco Risi, 2001, 105 minutes, NC16: Course Language

A brilliant comedy focused on three different women who have something in common. One New Year's Day, they are called to the police station to discuss the mysterious disappearance of their husbands, who all worked in the same bank -- which has just been robbed. Bianca, Billie and Beatrice soon discover that their husbands stole millions and have become fugitives. For different reasons and with different agendas, each of them finds herself in Argentina on the trail of an errant spouse. Wonderfully entertaining.

Cast: Francesca d'Aloja, Iaia Forte, Claudio "Greg" Gregori.

Awards: Audience Award at Rencontre du cinema Italien de Bastia (2003); Best Ensemble at Fort Lauderdale International Film Festival (2002).


And If Tomorrow (E Se Domani)

And If Tomorrow (E Se Domani)Directed by Giovanni La Parola, 2005, 90 minutes, TBA

An energetic fusion of drama, social commentary, and hilarious comedy. Matteo Cillario, a lawyer, is so obsessed by money that he does not want any children, convinced that they would be too expensive. One day, his best friend, Mimi, locks himself in a bank and threatens the customers with a gun and a handbag full of explosives. Matteo knows that Mimi is the best of the men and decides to tell his story, which goes back to a childhood romance that was never completely forgotten, with Kitty, Mimi's business partner wife.

Cast: Luca Bizzarri, Paolo Kessisoglu, Sabrina Impacciatore.

Awards: Audience Award at the Verona Festival Schermi d'amore (2006); Best Actor, Best Actress and Special Jury Awards at the Annecy Festival (2005).